Hey friends! I’m Shabnam. You can call me Shab.

I’m a photographer and collaborator born and raised in Los Angeles. Collaborator, you say? Let me explain.

In the summer of 2013, I founded Beating Lights. At that time, it was just a mere Tumblr blog that I would update once a month with a review. Run of the mill stuff.

I graduated from USC a year later, planning to move away from L.A. forever, and maybe test my luck in Ireland with a working visa (which actually did happen, but that’s a story to tell you over coffee). Before I gave it all up, I decided to throw a concert in my backyard. I invited the only four musicians I knew at the time to perform. But that night, magic happened.

There was so many people and so much creativity pulsing in this one place — I could see the conversations and connections unravelling themselves into something greater than just a party. That night, I felt for the first time what I knew Beating Lights could be. 

In 2015, BL took a whole new, exciting spin. I started going out to 2-3 shows a week, experiencing the L.A. music scene, meeting more local artists, and with them, I started producing more and more events. By simply having a reason for creatives to be in the same space, Beating Lights became a place for everyone involved to meet new people, find new music, and create real connections. BL is a perpetual space for creativity, collaboration, and friendship — where anyone can be a cool kid and join the club. 

So let’s connect, shall we? Let’s keep growing this community. I want to get to know you, and I want you to get to know me. Through the projects we’ll collaborate on, the events we’ll produce, the people we’ll meet, the world will get to know you too.

Bring your good vibes, we’ll bring ours.

See you around town,
Shab Ferdowsi