PHOTOS: Dark Rooms • Plexxaglass • Esbie Fonte @ Hi Hat 8.2.17

What The Sound presented Dark Rooms, Plexxaglass and Esbie Fonte @ the Hi Hat Monday night. Here's a little gallery of photos by Shab Ferdowsi.

PHOTOS: Ramonda Hammer • Potty Mouth • Colleen Green @ Teragram 8.25.17

Photos by Shab Ferdowsi of Ramonda Hammer , Colleen Green and Potty Mouth @ the Teragram Ballroom on August 25, 2017.

RECAP: Chela + Disco Shrine + Zealyn + Axel Mansoor @ The Hi Hat 8.24.17

words and photos by Shab Ferdowsi

Last night's Beating Lights event was months in the making. Jessica (Disco Shrine) and I booked the event in June, originally with different plans in mind for what the show was going to be. One thing led to another, and we decided it was going to be just a party just for fun. "Fun" was our key word, and once Jess had the vision for what she wanted the event to look and feel like, I let her run with it like wildfire. Last night was exactly what we had hoped for: pure fun, just for the the fun of it. We had vendors selling jewelry, cake and succulents, an arts and crafts table, a huge blacklight installation by Lorna Phone, DJ sets by Blushh (lol hi that's me!) and Girls Gone Vinyl, and killer performances by Chela, Zealyn, Axel Mansoor and Disco Shrine herself. The place was decked out in light up balloons, emoji beach balls, and iridescent streamers. The vibes, as Beating Lights loves to encourage, were so good. 

Community is the people you gather around you, and last night so many good people gathered for the fun of it. :)

Here's a little gallery of photos I took, if you want to peep them. Otherwise, stay tuned, BL has events cooking up for September!

Echo Park Rising 2017 Day 3/4

photos and words by Shab Ferdowsi

EPR is one big party for the LA music scene. This year, Beating Lights didn't have a stage and my band wasn't playing, so I took the opportunity to head out with my camera and partake in the music scene as a photographer, which I haven't done in a while. It was way too much fun, woah. 

Day 3 / bands captured: Ramonda Hammer + Metronohm + Small Forward + Yume

Day 4 bands captured: Velvet + WASI + Slugs + The band Ice Cream 

Event Recap: Backyard bBQ 6.10.17

words and photos by Shab Ferdowsi (except those photos of the band Blushh. those pics are by Kylie Nicholson lol)


My favorite part about producing events is finding those people who are great at what they do, bringing them together, then watching them do their thing in one space. The BB Q last weekend was one for the books! 

Lorna Phone brought her chalking station and had everyone on their knees doodling on the cement, Bryan (of Beachwood Coyotes) and Kiwon sold delicious pulled pork sliders and lentil sloppy joe's, and of course, the bands all killed it! I couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate my band Blushh' EP.

THANK YOU Good Luck Club, Dolly Spectra, Bien Bien and Beachwood Coyotes for playing your hearts out. THANK YOU Lorna, Kiwon, Neal, Jasmine and the whole Holy Unlikely House for collaborating with me on this one, Teamwork makes the dreams work, and so far, my dreams are working out quite well thanks to you. :)

Blushh wouldn't be here without Beating Lights, so thank you thank you THANK YOU for coming out to these events, coming early, staying late, being passionate and pursuing your creativity.

Cheers, y'all.

See you around town,


EVENT PREVIEW: Backyard BBQ June 10 2017

This Saturday we're throwing a summer party for the books with the Holy Unlikely collective!!

12-5pm in a backyard in west adams, we're celebrating Blushh's EP release, Beachwood Coyotes' single release, Bien Bien's album release, with Dolly Spectra and Good Luck Club on the bill.

The Beachwood Coyotes dudes will be BBQ-ing some yummy goods and shaking up sweet cocktails from 12-1:30 so you know... COME EARLY.

Lorna Phone will be chalking up the yard,there will be paint filled water guns, hula hoops,  games between bands that may or may not include water balloons.. .so come prepared :)

FB EVENT is here:


12-1:30 BBQ + cocktail hour

1:30 Good Luck Club

2:00 Dolly Spectra

2:45 Bien Bien

3:30 Beachwood Coyotes

4:15pm Blushh


Album Premiere: Bien Bien

Bien Bien is a new band on the block by way of the mid-west whose album we're excited to premiere right here! It's a dreamy, fluttery, soulful compilation of tunes that'll get you swooning and grooving instantly.

The band plays their album release show at our Backyard BBQ this saturday June 10! It's going to be a summer party for the book full of live music, BBQ, water balloons and more. RSVP here, see you there?

RECAP: WASI EP Release Show w/ Goon • Blushh • Maddie Ross

words by Shabnam Ferdowsi • Photos by Mallory Turner


I know I like throwing parties, I know I've gotten a good hang at throwing them too, BUT SHOOT Friday night was a hot one. It was WASI's EP release party at the Hi Hat, and I was so excited they asked my band Blushh to play. I gathered my other friends Maddie Ross and Goon for the bill, knowing we wanted this to be a friend fest more than anything else.

Taleen Kali DJ'd all night, Lorna Alkarna made a really sick backlight installation (middle photo above), Cake Slay sold cake treats, Bummer Popsicle had a custom button booth, and Kat Bing painted a canvas while the bands played. It was a creative playground that  hopefully turned the event into something of a house show (just like.. not in a house).

Thanks for coming out and dancing, grooving, or just bopping your head! I'm still tired and happy from the good vibes that you brought to the show.

See you at the next party?

Check out some sick photos by Mallory Turner below:




Maddie Ross


PHOTOS: Diet Cig • Lisa Prank • Janelane @ The Echo 5/4/17

photos and words by Shab Ferdowsi

Girl power hit The Echo last week as Diet Cig and Lisa Prank come through on their tour! Janelane opened the show and GIRL LET ME TELL YOU, these women killed it. 

Here are some of my favorite shots from the night: 

PHOTOS: Bedbugs EP Release Show @ The Bootleg 5/1/17

words and photos by Shab Ferdowsi

The Bedbugs EP Release show was a friend fest for the books. Gardenside, Family Hahas, Arms Akimbo joined them for the party at the Bootleg on May 1st, and the room was filled with too many friendly faces from the bubble of social circles that makes up the community we're in.

I was literally smiling all night.

Listen to the EP "Glasshouse" below and view some photos I took at the show!

photos below by yours truly.

RECAP: BL Spring Fling @ Space 15 Twenty

words and photos by Shab Ferdowsi

We sprung into spring in the best possible way.

Last night we filled Space 15 Twenty to the brim with good friends and new faces for BL's Spring Fling. 

Yume and Gardenside (both containing members of Kid Cadaver aka BL favorites!) played their first shows as these new bands, and their pals (now my pals too!) Chatrooms also played the bill.

In true BL fashion, I filled the rest of the space with other cool creative cads who were selling flowers crowns (Mary Lou Blooms), bath bombs and salts (Stardust Coven), showing their art (@katbingart, @leslieinspace, @davidhowler) or helping a good cause (Peace Is The Mission).


Spring is looking mighty fine.

Can't wait to see what's next and hope you ya stick around for it!

See ya around town,


PHOTOS: Solidarity for Sanctuary @ the Hi Hat 3/26/16

words and photos by Shab Ferdowsi

On Sunday March 26th the first Solidarity for Sanctuary  benefit took place at the Hi Hat. My good friend Doris Munoz created the seres initially as a means to help raise funds to protect her parents from deportation, but now strives to use the series as a means to help even more undocumented families. The sold out event featured performances by Cuco, Royaljag, The Shingles, Dr. Doctor and Disco Shrine, all consisting of first generation Americans, all standing together in support for the cause.

'Twas a beautiful night indeed and I'm looking forward to seeing what more good happens when we work together!


photos and words by Shab Ferdowsi

This year I hit the road with Ramonda Hammer and Velvet to make our ways to Austin for SXSW. 

SXSW is a madhouse of music from all over the country and other parts of the world gathered into Austin's downtown for a full week of shows and meetups and brunches and breakfast tacos. Last year I went as a photographer. This year I went as a photographer with the mind of an event producer and musician. How can Beating Lights be involved next year? How can my band be involved next year? Moreover, do I want to be involved next year? Also, what is the meaning of life? So many questions, so little time to ponder them.

Here are some of the photos I took in the 2.5 days were out in Austin:



T-Rextasy @ Girlschool


CHHERS TO AUSTIN, to new friends from different places, and the other places we'll go between now and the next SXSW <3

TOUR DIARY: Beachwood Coyotes West Coast Feb '17

words and photos by Shab Ferdowsi

Last month I hit the road with Beachwood Coyotes on the West Coast tour I had booked for them. "West Coast" but more like "California and Seattle". The drives were LONG. There was snow. There were goats. There was a lot of beer and redwoods, and I miss it so much!

This tour made me remember the kindness of strangers on the road, and the guards you need to let down when you're stuck in a van with 4 other people for a week (or more). Touring is hard, touring is beautiful, touring is worth the work. 

Here are some photos I took while on the road. <3