HEARTBEATS #2: Backseat Beats

words and photo by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Who: Shadi Amirieh

What: Backseat Beats

Picture this: 

There's a baby in their carseat in the back, and Mom is driving up front. She puts in her favorite CD from her 80's pop collection and within seconds, the baby is bouncing to the beat. This is one of the first instances where babies hear music: in the backseat of the car.

Shadi Amirieh is a recent UCLA graduate with a passion for music, movement and education. A few months before getting her Bachelor of Arts, she began thinking of ways she's be able to combine her interests into one entrepreneurial endeavor. Having taken piano lessons and various dance classes since before elementary school, the idea for Backseat Beats quickly became an obvious one and by the time she finished school in June, the company was up and running. 

Backseat Beats offers a wide array of services geared toward the intersection of music, movement and self-development for children ages four and up. From dance fitness birthday parties, to Mommy and Me classes, to private lessons, the Backseat team promotes a healthy and fun environment  to grow both physically. They even offer character birthday parties, where Disney's "Elsa" has become a customer favorite!

Although it remains mostly a one-man show run by Shadi herself, she's built a network of talented musicians and dancers who've helped her create the Backseat Beats brand and reputation around the LA area.

If you'd like to connect with Shadi Amirieh to become a part of the team or would like to hire Backseat Beats for their services, contact them here!

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