A Musical Journey through Scotland and Ireland

words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

I'm back! From an incredible trip.

I spent the past 3 weeks traveling through Scotland and Ireland, staying with friends, drinking lots of tea and meeting up with local musicians while I was there.

The purpose of the trip wasn't originally a Beating Lights-inspired one; it was just going to be a few weeks away taking pictures of green hills and staying with friends. But the music and new friends that stumbled into my life during the trip are what made my time there so meaningful.

I was able to hear about what the music scenes are like in those cities, what their lives are like as musicians, and simply get to know some of the most talented and humble people I now know. 

You can expect a lot of beautiful people with beautiful music showing up here through our Acoustic Sessions in the next month or so, but for now, take a listen to our new friends and shoe them some love!

Andrew Pearson (Fife/Edinburgh, UK)

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Hamish James Hawk (Edinburgh, UK)

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Bunderland (Edinburgh, UK)


Universal Thee (Edinburgh, UK)


Pa Reidy (Galway, IE)



Kingston (Kilkenny, IE)

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Kicking Bird (Dublin, IE)



Buffalo Sunn (Dublin, IE)

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Houdini (Dublin, IE)