WATCH: Brightener- Make Real Friends (Official Music Video)

by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Remember what it was like to make blanket forts with your friends when you were young? Now imagine what it would be like if you made one now in the middle of a party?  Brightener's official music video for "Make Real Friends", released today, has all the feels (and humor) your imagination needs to figure that one out. 

Will Sturgeon's honest lyrics capture a certain nostalgia for something lost, but it's a feeling that's definitely not lost on my generation these days. The bridge goes, "so I just sit alone / scrolling through my phone / wonder who my real friends are"  and hits the universal, inner debates every college kids goes through at some point or another (i.e. do I have real friends??).

The music video is the solution to the problems set up in the song. It's funny yet meaningful, fiction yet crushingly true. You will be sure to be left with a smile, a dash of hope, and a sparkle of motivation to go out and have your own blanket fort party.


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