CONCERT: Barcelona @ The Troubadour 9/9/14

by Shabnam Ferdowsi

You know when you're at a show and you start confusing the drumbeat for your own heartbeat? That's what Barcelona's concert at the Troubadour last night was like.  Their set included a mix of old and newer tunes, and their crowd was a dedicated one who was singing along with all the lyrics and swaying their arms to the lounge-y beats. I loved how their set flowed between mellower synth/electronic tracks and drum-heavy alternative favorites. Their music is developing into a blend of both, into this synth/pop/rock genre that's blossoming in the industry right now, and their fans are following along with them. 


This was the second night of their tour with The Young Wild, whose performance easily blew everyone away. Their energy was fuller than the space and larger than the stage and even though I didn't know the songs beforehand, I found myself reactively moving my body to the very dance-able beat. 

The night's opener was local band Verre. They only have two songs on soundcloud but released their first EP last week. The crowd had just started piling in as they started playing, but their electronic, synth-pop, indie-rock vibes were enough to get people mesmerized.