SESSION: Kicking Bird- The Drifter

Kicking Bird is a 4 piece band based in Dublin, Ireland.

We had such a cool time shooting this little session in the Doorway Art Gallery in Dublin's city centre last month!


Who: Shannen Byrne (Vocals, Ukelele, Guitar), Míchéal Smith (Vocals, Guitar), Daniel Montgomery (Bass), Keith Saul (Drums, Cajon, Percussion, Glockenspiel)

Where: Dublin, Ireland

Band Name: "Kicking Bird" comes from the movie Dances With Wolves, and the band tries to incorporate those Native-American vibes into their music, both lyrically, and instrumentally. 

Dream Collabs: Dave Grohl, Dave Matthews, Jim Morrison, Tom Morello

Favorite Show Every Played: their EP release show at an intimate pub back in November, also their first non-acoustic gig. Nothing beats a crowd who's all there just for you!