INTERVIEW: UniversalThee

Universal Thee is an Edinburgh based band. This interview was conducted inside Cabaret Voltaire, part music venue, part pub, part nightclub over a few pints of beer and cider. A little taste of the Scotland for you.

What's the music scene in Edinburgh like, and how has it affected your band?

It's not a large city, but I think there is an appetite for it out there. Places put on shows 7 nights a week, and I think they could be focusing it on nights where people are up for it. We've seen really good bands playing on a Tuesday night to no one, and it's disheartening.

But you go elsewhere in Scotland, and you can get a brilliant reception. People seem to go to gigs. In Glasgow people seem to go to gigs. Maybe it's just the timing here?Timing and price, it's rather expensive. 

What's been your favorite show you've played so far?

The rehearsal room we use, 7th Harmonic, needed people to help support them when they were going. They put on a 1st birthday gig, and because we'd been such supporters of them, and because we'd like to think they liked us, they asked to play at it. That night everything was just perfect. It helped that there was a huge crowd, and it's easy tog et a great shows when you're getting great feedback. 

What's going on in the next 6 months?

We're releasing a single in a few months, and a few more we'll be hitting the record studio for soon. We also keep intermittently releasing DIY videos for our youtube channels and whatnot. It's really all sorts of fun. Then we have a tour getting arranged around the single, around Scotland, hopefully England and potentially Belfast. 

We're due to possibly play Finland next year, at the Festival of the Midnight Suns, for three days of daytime. That would be a dream come true: it's about 20 thousand people a day at the festivals, so hopefully that's pans out. 


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