NEW MUSIC: The Neighbors- Black River

words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

The Neighbors were one of the first bands to play a Beating Lights show last January, and they had me hooked ever since. Their live show was and still is one of the most captivating and passion-infused performances I've seen. After adding a few members, the band started recording their debut EP over the summer and has finally begun sharing their magic with us. 

Their second single, "Black River", off their upcoming EP is always a crowd favorite. What really gets me with this particular song is the imagery they're able to set up, both lyrically and instrumentally, then completely shatter down.  You find yourself flowing down this river they're talking about, where everything is going real smoothly, then the tide builds up and the chorus hits hard bringing with it an intense rhythmic storm of strings, percussion and guitar solos. 

It's simply and beautifully mind-blowing.

Listen below and expect more great music from these guys soon. 


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