INTERVIEW w/ Little Animal

words and photos by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Little Animal is a four piece band based in Paris, France, and led by Romain Blatter. When I was traveling through their city in October, we were able to meet up in Mont Martre for a photoshoot, then a chat over some beers. 

As most bands do, this one also started as Romain's solo project. Desiring a fuller, louder sound, he decided to hit the interwebs and put out a call for bandmates, and found his current band over the course of 2015. Basically, they're a very new band on the streets! The most important thing right now for them is become a more cohesive body, tightening their performance, becoming more in tune with one another. Then they can start working on the good stuff: recording another EP, touring, etc. 

Jam to them below, and follow them on Facebook!