INTERVIEW w/ Me and My Dog

words and photos by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Me and My Dog (MaMD) is band based in Dublin, Ireland. When I was there in November, making my way out of Ireland, singer/frontman Luke Healy was kind enough to host me on his couch for a couple nights. So naturally, we got the whole band together for an afternoon photoshoot and interview, which turned into a 9 hour hang with a movie night included. Needless to say it was one the most fun band shoots to date.

The boys of MaMD are originally from Westport, a town on the west coast of Ireland, and have been friends since their wee years of elementary school. There's clearly something magical about being in a band with your best friends, and hanging out with these guys for 9 hours only proved me that point. Their cohesiveness, their camaraderies, their genuine bond is not contrived, not forced, and so humble that it is easily transferred to their relationship as a band. 

The band is part of  the artist collective Popical Island, like Oh Boland who I met up with in Galway a few weeks prior. The collective-run space, the Pop Inn, houses a bunch of a rehearsal and recording rooms for the bands to use and hang out in, share gear, put on diy shows, and simply be a space for the community to interact within. Surrounding yourself with people who are doing exactly what you're doing, and being to help one another out, is so important in leading a creative life, and that's what's proven the collective an essential part of the band's life. 

Jam to them below, check out the photos from our hang, and stay tuned for more good stuff from these Dublin boys:


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