NEW MUSIC: Kid Cadaver- New Friends

words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Last week LA-based trio, Kid Cadaver, released a new song, "New Friends" off their upcoming EP to be released later this spring. Since we’re a blog that’s so intrigued by how music makes you feel, I’ve decided to share with you a little bit about how Kid Cadaver's new tune makes me feel when I take a listen. 

"New Friends" makes me feel like like I'm at a pool party in mid-August, in the heat of summer break, probably in high school,  in the heat of some summer crush. Maybe it's the Weezer-esque guitar riffs that sound like summer, maybe it's the vocals that sound like Phoenix, maybe it's the grooving drum beats that want us dancing to the rhythm. Whatever it is, it takes me to a carefree moment where every next second is more exciting than the last, and every next minute holds endless possibilities.  

"Moving west, I'll be a broken boy at best / I'm over this, over the promise of moving lips / I came and went, but all the symptoms have never left / I'm only human."  The lyrics at the chorus, not only catchy, make it feel like the the nearing of the end of something brief, whatever it may have been. Maybe summer? maybe adolescence?  

Cue the percussion heavy instrumental interlude, and now we're all running away down a street at golden hour, clothes still  wet from our swimsuits underneath, running away from an end in the hopes that summer will last and we'll stay young forever. 

Take a listen to the track below, and let us know how it makes you feel:


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