Interview with FRANKIE


Hometown: Oakland, CA

Current Location: Los Angeles

Sounds Like: "credible pop"

I first heard of FRANKIE when I saw her play We Found New Music's showcase at the Bootleg Hifi a few weeks ago. She opened up the night and blew my mind. I was instantly hooked. So I hit her up for this shoot + interview a week later, and met up in her producer's Silver Lake abode. After our chat over a cool glass of Coke (because it was simply too hot for water that day) and a fun photo session in the backyard, I can easily conclude she's one of the sweetest people you'll meet and about make some waves in the music world.

Read more about the popstar below and listen to her newest single, "New Obsession", off her upcoming EP!

You've been getting so much great reception on the new music. What are you doing differently than you were before?

I feel like because we were just having fun with it, that's why people  respond to it so well. It's not like we're making these formula pop songs; its just us vibing and having a good time.

We're calling it "credible pop". We don't want it to be guilty. No matter how it's produced, we want people to just be like, "that's a nicely written song." 

What's been your favorite show you've played so far?

I played a show in San Francisco at the Rickshaw Stop in January. I really expected no one to be there, even though it's my hometown. But it was packed and we had so much  fun on stage. I think we just went into it with really low expectations that when we came out it was so awesome. In LA it's a little different because you never know who's going to be in the audience, who they work for, you never know. But oh man, we just had such a blast up there [in the bay].

How did you decide on this pop sound?

"Blackout" started the whole EP, and it was so strange [how the song came to be]. I was falling asleep one night, and it was during that moment where you're almost asleep, where you're literally not thinking about anything. I payed attention for a quick second and realized I was singing a song in my head, full lyrics and melody. I was like "What? woah! what am I doing?". So I recorded a voice memo, half asleep; it's hilarious. After I had that I somewhat knew what the song was going to sound like. I teamed up with Petros, and he's amazing. His production quality is so quirky and has so much attitude which I love. So  "Blackout" created this little sound on its own. 

Your EP is going to be called DreamState. Does that title have something to do with how "Blackout" came about?

Yes!  After I wrote "Blackout" I was just channeling that, so half the EP came from stuff like that. 

The other half of the EP I wrote with  my band. We went to this beach house for two days and wrote all these songs, "New Obsession", "Problems Problems" and "Gold". It was crazy: we came back, tried them out the songs and loved them all. 

If you could tour with any band this summer, who it would be?

There's this artist, BØRNS, I'm really loving right now. I feel like his pop is really credible as well, so I feel like we could be a really cool mix together. That would be awesome, and not insanely out of reach. 

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