New Music: The Living Hour's Debut Album

Who: The Living Hour

Where: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

What: Their debut album Living Hour

Sounds Like: shoegaze/dream pop/ surf rock, à la Best Coast, Real Estate, Tennis. 

The Living Hour's debut album is out today, and we're excited to share a couple singles with you here on Beating Lights! The record is being released under Indiana  based label, Tree Machine Records, on cassette. As if that wasn't cool enough, it will remain solely on cassette until 2016, at which point they will release it  digitally and on Vinyl in collaboration with UK based label Art is Hard Records. 

I took a listen through the whole album (a few times!) and it is everything you'd hope from a DIY band like The Living Hour. Their lo-fi dream pop has me swaying like it's 1965, like we're laying on the beach while we're dreaming about tomorrow (or what could be).

Their first single "Steady Glazed Eyes" sets the tone for the vibes you're going to feel.

My favorite track  off the record  though is their second single."Miss Emerald Green". It's smoky and nostalgic where I find myself missing people I've never met and places I've never seen, and the guitar riffs sound like glitter over moonlit waves.  

If you're feeling these vibes,  you're going to love the rest of their album. Make sure to order your cassette now from Tree Machine Records!


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