Moons of Mars is our 3rd artist on the bill for Saturday's event! They're starting to  make waves in LA's local scene, getting radio play on KROQ Locals Only and gaining the attention of local blogs.They just released an EP yesterday in perfect timing for our show!

(Answers by Mario Polanco)

How do you hope your listeners feel with your music ? 

We hope that people are able to connect with these songs in whatever way makes sense to them. We love it when people write us and feel an emotional connection to a specific song, but also enjoy it if the song just makes you want to dance and puts you in a good place. I remember the song "with or without you" by U2 really speaking to me as a young boy. I didn't really know what Bono was trying to say but I remember having a crush on a girl named Courtney at the time. I held on to the words "without you I can't live". I made it my song at the time and fell in love with that song because it was written for me and Courtney.

What's been your favorite live show you've ever seen and why?

So many great bands and shows over the years but I'll share about a recent band. I saw Mumford and sons the last time that they played the Hollywood bowl. I liked their music but became a fan after seeing them live. They sound great live, have a great light show, and have so much energy. They are such great song writers and the crowd sings every word they sing. It was incredible to experience! 

 If you could collaborate with any current artist, who would it be and why?

Kanye west I think would be a great current artist to collaborate with. I respect him so much as an artist and love everything he does musically.  I would love to write together and come up with something "moons" with a hard hitting "kanye" vibe. 

Why do you think local music matters?

 Music is a universal language that can move people like nothing else. Everyone has a story to tell. I believe everyone deserves a chance to be heard. I love going to local shows, hanging with people, and listening to local music to find inspiration. Often I'm just as, or more inspired by the local artist playing 2 blocks from my apartment than an artist at a major venue.