Backstage Chat: Stalking Gia @ School Night 5/11/15

photo and interview by Shabnam Ferdowsi

I have never seen the Bardot as packed for a School Night as it was on Monday night. And although I couldn't see a thing from where I stood, Stalking Gia blew me away. The NYC-based artist played her first LA show that night and stole the crowd with her sultry vocals and cool charm. 

I was able to meet up with her after her set and take a few minutes to ask her some quick questions.  

How did you feel about your first LA show?

It was insane. I actually came to this venue a month or two ago to see another band play; it felt cool to be the one playing this time. I got a lot of adrenaline off [the crowd].I had fun picking different people in the crowd and just zoning into them. I'll just freak people out: I'll stare at them to the point where it's kind of uncomfortable. I love it. 

How do you want to leave your audience feeling?

Inspired, happy, and flowing with creativity. 

So how did you come up with the name "Stalking Gia"?

I feel like the whole music industry, the whole aspect of celebrity and social media is just stalking. There's no other word for it; everyone tries to make it normal- but like no, it's stalking.

Have you had any stalkers?

Just random things online... Maybe gaming? Maybe that happens to me? And then maybe I stop playing? World of Warcraft, maybe? I don't know, something like that.

What's your music scene in New York like? And how does it feel different than the one here in LA?

It's more secluded, and I feel like there are less people within the scene. But at the same time, all the writers [at Warner/Chappell Publishing] are super close and tight-knit. It's real nice to have that strong community. In LA there's just so many people and all so spread out; then again that could be a good thing. Positives and negatives on both sides, and it's good have a little of both. 

1 Fun Fact: I'm obsessed with anime. I can't wait to go to Japan one day, and I wish I was a J-pop K-pop star.


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