NEW MUSIC: Bedbugs- Orlando

words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Who: Bedbugs

What: "Orlando", off their new EP Alone coming out May 26!

Where: The Valley, Los Angeles, CA

photo by Marisa Shirar     

photo by Marisa Shirar 

Bedbugs' new EP is coming out at  a perfect time for my music library. Last week I was jamming hard to Together PANGEA, The New Electric Sound and Boxed Wine, which together have some grunge-y alt-rock, catchy alt-pop, and   lots of attitude. Throw in some fuzz and put it in a garage that's located  by the boardwalk and you've got Bedbugs' new single, "Orlando".

The track makes me want to join a rock band and play small yet crowded and rowdy shows for fans but mostly friends, then all head to the beach to catch some waves with our best pals. None of which will ever happen in my real life, but a girl can dream you know? I took a few listens to the rest of the EP and it's filled with the same catchy alternative rock that could definitely turn a skate park into a dance party.

The EP was recorded in a garage in LA's San Fernando Valley, mixed by Jeremy Harris (of Kid Cadaver) and mastered by Frankie Siragusa at theLAB in Van Nuys. 


Take a listen and jam below, and stay tuned for May 26th!


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