NEW MUSIC: Kori- Melancholic Debauchery

Who: Kori

Currently: Paris, France

What: dark, indie rock

Kori is a dark indie rock band formed by Ori Di Vincenzo, a guy who writes songs about loneliness, fantasies and bizarre stories. Having released a new album "Melancholic Debauchery" the band is now touring Paris and is planning a move to a dirty basement in the UK.

I was instantly attracted to the fluttery feels of Kori's low bass and deep vocals. With hints of lo-fi guitar riffs, I was transported underground into a disco-ball lit cave filled with sensitive creatives writing feelings and painting abstract expressionism. Think Darks Waves meets The National in an underwater bar. It pulls at your heart in a way that'll have you swaying yet stomping, feeling subtle emotions yet wanting to scream.

Now all I have to do is find a way to get these guys to come play in LA! Or maybe I'll just go meet them Europe. 

Listen to their latest album and swoon below:


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