NEW MUSIC: Parade of Lights- Feeling Electric LP

Words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Parade of Lights was one of the first bands I interviewed when I started this blog, back in the summer of 2013. It's been really cool to see these guys grow since then. From signing to Astralwerks in 2013, to recording in Nashville in 2014, I've been following their journey through and through. Now they've just released their first official LP and I'm still in love with their sound, if not even more now!

Each track is an electro-pop anthem that pulls you up on to the middle of the dance floor, stomping your feet,  singing to the top of your lungs, feeling hopeful, feeling alive, feeling electric. 

We asked the band some questions about the record, so read on and listen to the title track, "Feeling Electric" below!

(Answers by Ryan Daly)

Beating Lights first interviewed you during the summer of 2013. Tell us about some of your highlights and favorite moments of the past 2 years. 
It's been a busy couple of years. We've had the opportunity to do things we never thought we would, and met lots of great people along the way. I think the highlights of these past two years, at least for me personally, were playing festivals (Firefly, Bonnaroo, etc.), and living in Nashville while we wrote and recorded our debut LP.

What's inspired your sound and how do you stay inspired?
We are into many different forms of art such as photography, design, film, etc., and I think the marriage of all of those different mediums helps inform what we do. I feel the best way to sum it up, at the risk of sounding cliche, is "larger than life". As far as staying inspired, we're always looking for new music and new art, as hearing something fresh is always a great way to jump start creativity.
What are you most excited about releasing this album? 

We've been a band for a long time and have never released a full-length. It's been a long time coming and if it resonates with people and can help someone in one way or another, it makes all the time and hard work we put into it worth it.

How do you hope this album leaves listeners feeling?

Hopeful. Even though there are somber moments on the record, there is a common thread of positivity and an encouraging narrative that we hope helps people find or reinforce what they love about themselves, then channel it to live life to the fullest. That being said, if it's as simple as wanting to dance, that's cool too.

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