EVENT RECAP: LionTech x Beating Lights Present BestFest 7/18/15

words and photos by Stephanie Barajas

Saturday was a strange day. Most of us woke up to thunder rattling our windows and setting cars’ alarms off. The rain couldn’t decide whether it wanted to stay or leave, or stay, or leave. But that didn’t stop Liontech and BeatingLights from hosting BestFest. After finding some canopies and doing some rearranging, the two stages were ready for all of the talented musicians who were about to blow us away. Inside the house, each band and solo performer had to wing it a little bit, but they made it work and fully entertained all of us in the audience. Some sang acapella, others only with a piano or guitar, others plugged in every instrument they had. The DJs outside didn’t fear the water and continued to mix sick beats throughout the evening. Whether you were inside or outside of the house, there was something for you to listen or dance to. And while you walked around, you could take a look at the clothing, hats, photographs, paintings and notebooks that artists and designers were showcasing. You could mingle and get to know those who were not faced by the rain and showed up, or even the musicians after they were done with their sets. Overall, it was an evening of music, art and collaboration and we all had a pretty good time. We hope that this is not the first and only time BestFest takes place because if it was a success in the rain, imagine what it could be under the sun?