INTERVIEW: Tillie (R.I.P. Grace Kelly)

words and interview by Shab Ferdowsi

tiLLie is Grace Kelly. The LA based (by way of Georgia) singer-songwriter turned alternative pop artist recently changed her stage name on all social media fronts earlier this month, leaving her birth name behind and moving forward with new inspirations and new songs. She's playing our show on Friday night for Maddie Ross and blushh's single release party at the Resident, so I decided to chat with her to get you to get to know her a little better.


How do you feel about becoming tiLLie? How will she be different than Grace Kelly? 
Tillie is the next evolution in my journey as an artist, so it's definitely very exciting for me. I wouldn't say it's light years away from Grace Kelly stuff but rather that it's just a natural progression into the next realm of possibility. These new songs are the first songs that I feel truly represent who I am completely unapologetically. But what I'm most pumped about is the fact that my cat's legacy will live on forever seeing as I stole it from her. ;)

If you were able to round up a group of people for tea, who and why? 
Dolly Parton because she seems like the sweetest human ever/she’s a genius songwriter, Russell Brand to pick his brilliant brain, Paul McCartney because he’s the only member left of my fav band of all time, and Hayley Williams so that I can convince her to marry me. Oh also, Fred Armisen for the jokes obvy. 

How do you make new friends? 
I spend just about 100% of my life focused on music which doesn't always leave a ton of time for making new homies outside of it. I'd say that most of my friendships have their roots in studios, rehearsal spaces or venues! 

What's your favorite kind of cupcake?
Red velvet without a doubt! Especially from Magnolia’s Bakery.


Catch tiLLie at our next show this Friday November 18 at Resident!




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