RECAP: 2016

words by Shab Ferdowsi

Wow woah wait what? almost over? It's just... ending? Just like that?

Can we talk about it for a second? Because that was a whirlwind.

It started with the relaunch party on January 30th where I began by celebrating a new mission statement, a new website, new logo, and new inspirations to put myself and Beating Lights out there in LA's music scene.

Over the past 11 or so months I've put myself and local bands into various venues around town, while still keeping true to my love for backyard shows. I threw 19 events and booked 2 tours, and made some of my closest friends along the way. 

BL swiveled and shifted in place a few times as I tried to figure out what exactly I was doing here. In the process, I had too many conversations in the hopes of getting some outside advice on where I should take the brand and in the end, decided conversations can only be productive to an extent. No one knows what I'm doing (or why I love doing it) better than I do, so thank you for your input but I'm going to keep doing whatever I want to do! I'd rather have fun doing what I love, than question my happiness and figure out to make a living off this. I'm making a life, and pretty damn happy about how it's going. :)

2016 was like a really big wave had just crashed down onto us, and we were down there underwater wondering how to get back to surface. That's where 2017 comes in I think.  In 2017,  we're back on the water's surface, we've got a clear head, the skies are blue (with a tint of pink in the clouds), and we just beat that wave that had hit us hard. We can do whatever we want now! Most things are as easy as sending one email, so why not send a few emails and see what happens?


Here's a recap of what just happened this year, featuring photos from the highlights:

Jan 30: Relaunch Party @ Space 15 Twenty w/ Kid Cadaver, Coyote

Feb 15: The Knitts EP Release show @ Hi Hat w/ Bedbugs, DreamVacaion

Feb 19: Disco Shrine EP Release Show w/ Little Wolves, King Shelter, Tambourines

March 2: @ Lot 1 w/ Liv Slingerland, Betty Petty, Family Hahas

March 6 @ The Market / Seablood, Tigers in the Sky, Bird & Thorn

March 26 @ El Cid w/ Coyote, King Shelter, Eyes on the Shore

March 28 @ Silverlake Lounge w/ Higuera, Anna Schulze, Braeves

April 3: Backyard show @ Burbank w/ Naked Walrus, Attic Empire, Beachwood Coyotes, Sydney Blake

April 16: House Party @ LA w/ StaG, WASI, Sympathetic Frequencies

April 30 @ Hi Hat w/ Decorator, Talkie, The Elwins, Minimall

JUNE 3: Summer Kickoff @ Space 15 Twenty w/WASI, King Shelter

June 17 @ Resident w/ Night Talks, Audiomammal, ICE CREAM

June 18 @ Backyard Show w/ ICE CREAM, Fever Charm, Schlotman

July 16: Summer Spell @ Resident w/ LA Font, Fever Charm, Trickster Guru, Wet & Reckless

Aug 13: Remix Party @ Touch Vinyl w/ Kid Cadaver, Ugly Swaters, WASI

Aug 19: Echo Park Rising @ Lots Knight

Sept 2-4: Cali Tour w/ ICE CREAM

Sept 4: Kaleidoscope Sundae @ DTLA w/ ICE CREAM, Goldensuns, Quiet Oaks, Tomemitsu, The May Company, James Allan Spirit

Sept 29: Kid Cadaver Single Release Show w/ The Bulls, Disco Shrine, JARA

Oct 21-29: West Coast Tour w/ Kid Cadaver , DWNTWN

Nov 18: Making Friends is Easy @ Resident w/ Maddie Ross, Blushh, Tillie, Lauren Ruth Ward

Thank you for being a part of Beating Lights this year! If you played a show, came out to a show, if we collaborated, if we emailed, if we drank PBRs in a backyard somewhere in town, if we never met but had a nice chat over Facebook messages, THANK YOU.

Enjoy the last bit of 2016. Eat cake, drink hot cider, hug your friends, and keep creating.

See you next year. <3



Jan 7: 2017 KickOff Party 3-7pm. Secret backyard.

Jan 13: Collab event with Dum Dum Zine @ Stories