INTERVIEW: Cady Groves

Last week we met up with Cady Groves while she was in town in LA to snap some photos in Echo Park and ask her some questions about her new music and other things:

What makes you happy about your new music?

The happiest feeling about my new music is just that--ITS NEW MUSIC!!! I'm so excited to share my new journey and outlook and hope that it links me with so many other people out there.

Where have you found a solid community to rely on?

No matter what you think when you're younger-the most solid community out there is your family. That being said--family doesn't always have to be blood. Just family.

What do "good vibes" mean to you?

To me, good vibes mean that I feel safe. I feel okay to be a little transparent and say how I feel. When you hit good vibes when making music then there is no stopping you at that point!

Who are you currently listening to?

Currently I've turned top 40.

Radio back on and started shakin my ass a little. It's been good for me.


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