A Month With Bedbugs: Meet Vlad Beseda (guitar)

Next up in Bedbugs' residency on Beating Lights is their newest member on the guitar, Vlad Beseda! He's so new even the original Bedbugs trio haven't gotten a chance to get to know him all that well. So perfect timing for everyone, I'd say.

You're new to Bedbugs. what do you like about being in the band so far?

I like that I have the freedom to come up with my own riffs on guitar.The guys are all fun to hang out with as well!

Were you in bands before this? Is being in Bedbugs a different experience?

I was in a few bands before. The most recent one (xyzzyx) broke up around December of last year. It was alternative rock and we were actually off to a good start till our 4th drummer left.
Being in Bedbugs is a different experience for sure because before I was the bassist for all my previous projects.

You're going to school for audio engineering, right? If you could study something completely not music related, what would it be?

I have taken just about every music class imaginable at a community college. I'm actually a certified bartender, before that I thought I was gonna be a psychologist... yuck!

What artist inspired you to pick up an instrument?

My inspiration has always been Radiohead (check out my tattoos!) but I actually started playing guitar as a competitive thing to prove to my high school friend that I could learn whatever he knew on the instrument.

Check out what Vlad has been listening to lately!



Stay tuned for more on Bedbugs the rest of this month as we spend some time getting to know them! Catch them at our show at the Hi Hat on Feb 15!


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