PREVIEW: Disco Shrine 'Soft Fur' EP Release

Disco Shrine is an LA-based electro pop duo who is releasing their debut EP 'Soft Fur' tomorrow via The Burning Ear! To celebrate, Beating Lights is helping them throw a party at The Hi Hat with live music, cupcakes, face painting and good vibes all around. 

Take a read through our interview with them and jam to their latest single "Drive" to get a feel for what the dance party on Friday night is going to be like:

photo by Olivia Lim

photo by Olivia Lim

This is your first EP as Disco Shrine. That's so exciting! How long have you been working towards this release? 
Jes: We first started talking about releasing an EP in the summer of last year. When Tommy and I began collaborating, we were writing so many songs so fast and it surprised both of us how much material we had after a matter of a few weeks. We were both just really excited about the music and it seemed to come so natural to us. After the summer, we started working more on our live performance and playing more shows, and I think that allowed us to take a step back and look at those songs from an editing standpoint. So that's what we've been focusing on since the beginning of January. We're both just really eager to get this EP out and give people a taste of what's to come. 

Tell us a little bit about how you two collaborated to create this project?
Tommy: It all started with a voice memo. Jes and I knew of each other through our hometown music scene, but actually started talking after a show in Los Angeles. Both of us were making pretty melancholy music at the time, so we talked about the possibility of collaborating and making dance tunes together. I sent her a track I was working on. She sent me a voice memo that same morning with her idea for the track, and that song actually became 'Shy', our first single. 

Jes: As far as Disco Shrine goes, the name was sort of this mix of words that came to us that ended up perfectly describing our music. Tommy was telling me about how he wanted to make this art installation with a bunch of broken pieces of mirror like on a disco ball. And I said , "Sort of like a disco shrine?". And we looked at each other and thought it was perfect after coming up with the stupidest names for weeks. But it's more perfect now because our music is super upbeat and funky at times but also really passionate and moody so those two words just seem right I guess.

Why did you decide on Soft Fur as the title track?
Tommy: Soft Fur is the name of a synth we use for one of the tracks on our EP. It's a vague name that's kind of sexy and open to interpretation, and since we both really liked the name, we thought it would be a good name for our EP. 

What do "good vibes" mean to you? :
Jes and Tommy: Writing music that's a two way street. We don't like being a part of music that has no intention of being enjoyable to other people. A portion of our enjoyment from song writing comes from the audience digging what we've written. Giving and receiving good vibes is a big part of what we like about music.

Make sure to catch Disco Shrine at their EP release show that Beating Lights is presenting on February 19 at The Hi Hat! More info here.


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