SHOW PHOTOS: Bedbugs • House of Affection • The Knitts @ The Hi hat 2/15/16

words and photos by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Last night Beating Lights presented a show at the new Hi Hat in Highland Park for the Knitts' EP release! My good pals in Bedbugs opened the night, sounding better than they ever have. Their new songs had me ready to dance, and my old favorites were as good as ever having me singing along shamelessly to every lyric.  House of Affection were a new band to the BL roster, and it was very cool to see them play a stellar show. 

 The Knitts always play an energy-fueled rock show, and last night was a blast as always, with hair flips, drum solos, and a ukelele thrown into the mix to give us one heck of a performance. Can't stop loving these guys!

Here are some shots I took throughout the night. Shoutout to some pretty sweet lighting at The Hi Hat!