Beating Lights Presents: A Month with Bedbugs // INTRO

words and photo by Shab Ferdowsi

Today I'm starting something new.

I wanted to change things up a bit. I wasn't inspired writing track reviews, or doing one-off interviews with bands. Those pieces weren't allowing me to really get to the know the artists or build much of a real relationship with them. So I'm starting something new in an effort to connect and ultimately befriend these artists. I'm going to spend a full month immersed in a band, its members, their music and bits of their lives. I'll go to their rehearsals, their shows, their hang outs. We'll take photos, eat tacos, and they might even take over my snapchat for a day or two, who knows. Anything is possible, but the point will be to spend more time with one another, whether in real life or on Twitter, to get to know one another beyond small talk.

I'm really excited about where this series takes me, and I'm eager to bring you along with me.

Here we go.

I first met Bedbugs last summer in a garage in Thousand Oaks. Well, technically I first met their drummer Kenzo Cardenas months before because he's in this other band BL digs called Kid Cadaver. I found out he drums in this other band,  so I decided to check them out. The music was catchy, so I went to their EP release show in their bassist's garage. That's where I met front dude Alex Johnson and bassist Kevin Puckett. Over the course of the next few months Bedbugs would play a couple Beating Lights shows, one in a backyard, another at a tiny venue in Echo Park, and I'd be going to their shows around town as often as I could. In September, when I went on tour with Kid Cadaver, Kevin came along too as the tour roadie while I was rolling with them to capture it all in photos and videos. 

So here we are, over half a year after our first connection, and these dudes have become some of my greatest friends. They've added one more band member on guitar, they're recording new music, and I'm stoked to spend February with them.

Follow us along on instagram, snapchat and twitter at @beatinglights! It's going to be groovy.