Musings By Shab: This is a music blog, of sorts.

words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

In rebranding Beating Lights over the last few months of 2015, one of the aspects of the project I wanted to reformulate was the blog. How could I format it differently so that it would function in parallel with the brand's mission? What do I want the blog to be in relation to the events I'm producing and the content I'm creating?

Well pretty early in the process I decided I don't want to be like the other music blogs out there, and I don't need to be. I honestly don't really like writing reviews, or doing interviews with bands where I simply send them 5  questions via email to their publicist. There are so many other blogs out there already doing this much better than I was or ever could be. So then what am I trying to do?

I'm trying to connect. I'm trying to get to know the artists I work with, create relationships, and build upon them. As an event producer, show promoter, photographer and general collaborator, I'm constantly working with so many artists. Beating Lights is the community where all the connections I've created and relationships I've built are gathered into one sphere.

So with that, I figured out what I want the blog to be:

The Beating Lights blog is the online space where I continue to promote and create content for the artists I work with as an event producer/promoter, photographer, collaborator, and ultimately, friend. 

From this concept came the inspiration to start my band residency series, where bands can now have residencies on Beating Lights' various channels and outlets over the course of one month. I spend time getting to know them by hanging out with them at their rehearsals and their shows, they can take over my snapchat, they'll probably play one of my shows... the possibilities are endless!

All of that said, feel free to continue sending me your music, I will gladly take a listen! Invite me to your shows, I'd love to photograph them! The blog is not exclusive to bands who play my events. It is exclusive though to the potential of a real connection being made. Will I write a 5-liner review for your newest track for your Texas-based band? Probably not. I can recommend some other great blogs who could help you!  Will I set up a photoshoot and interview session with you so we can hang out, get to know one other, and create some real cool content along the way? More likely!

So that's my deal with the blog here. Take it or leave it. Anyway, I can't wait to connect with you!

Get in touch. Let's chat sometime?