A Month With Bedbugs:: Meet Kevin Puckett (bass)

Our month long residency with Bedbugs has kicked off! As we get to know the band, we want to get to know every single member. So we're going to start it off by getting to know their bassist, Kevin Puckett.


Where have you found a community to rely on?

Well I would say our own little community of musicians, writers, producers, and photographers in the valley/LA. It's amazing to have all the support from everyone trying to accomplish the same goals and helping each other in almost anyway they can. It's such a great feeling knowing that I will always see at least a few people at shows that are there because they want to see you succeed

Wwhat made you want to start playing in a band after being a roadie for so long?

I've always wanted to be in a band. I never really thought of myself as a roadie but I suppose I just got stuck doing it. It was mostly just a great excuse to go out on the road with my best friends and support them anyway I could. But I was living vicariously through them. They would take me into the studio because they trusted my opinion on things, and those were some of my favorite moments. I had so many ideas! It was really hard to contain myself most of the time and I tried to make sure not to overstep since it was still THEIR music. The real transition was forming up a side project with Alex that ended up turning into Bedbugs. I finally saw a chance to put ALL of my ideas out on the board. Even if it was just goofing around. I suppose the freedom and opportunities of being in your own band was what made the transition so easy. Even though the performance part is still something I'm getting used to heh

This is the first band you've been in, what's the weirdest part about it?

I would say the weirdest part of being in a band is having to REALLY put yourself out there. It's hard to open yourself up to the world when you built up these walls to keep it out.

 How do you maintain your hair? 

Oh the hair... WELL! It's not that hard actually! I just wash it every other day so it all doesn't fall out. Leave conditioner in that biotch and slap some oil all in it, mix it around, and POOF! (Literally) I try to never touch it since that's what makes it super huge haha

Kevin made us a playlist of 10 songs he's currently listening to.Jam below:

Stay tuned for more on Bedbugs the rest of this month as we spend some time getting to know them!


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