SXSW: Days 2-4 Recap

words and photos by Shabnam Ferdowsi

SXSW was insane. It was an insane, gruesome, wonderful, magical, brilliant week in Austin. I saw over 35 bands in 4 days (for FREE might I add), handed out business cards to everyone I met, walked off the soles of my Vans, ate some delicious breakfast tacos, and took tons of photos. I'd say my first south by was a success. I went in with no expectations for what the week could hold, or how any of it was going to work out, but out of sheer luck it all went smoothly. I rode the 22 hours from LA to Austin and back in the van with Smoke Season, and had the sweetest time hanging out with them over the week. I stayed in my friend's friend's guest house just 2 miles north of the central downtown area, making my daily commute to the venues very easy. Plus, I brought my DSLR camera in to every single venue without a photo pass and it was pure bliss. So with that, here are some photos I took during the bulk of the trip:

DAY 2: Turnover Porches  • Car Seat Headset