A Month with WASI: home sweet home.

To kick start my month with the WASI ladies, I met up at their home in Silverlake one afternoon to hang out and snap some photos. They ordered us some delicious Thai food, iced tea included, and I had such a sweet time kicking back with them. I met Ferris, the cute little guy who's basically the star in the photos I took (below), we chatted about the state of the music scene in LA, and I got a sneak peek of what their next music video is going to be (hint: it's going to be bloody). 

Being in someone's home already sets the tone for openness. There's no better way to break down walls and get to to know people than on their turf, and I'm so happy Merilou and Jessie let me into their private space.  This is only my second band residency, but I already know how this one can be better than the last. April is going to get real groovy with WASI and I'm going to spend so much time with them. Can't wait!!

Here are some photos I took while in their Silverlake home:


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