A Month With WASI: The End.

words and photos by Shabnam Ferdowsi

The month long residency with WASI is over! It has been way too much fun hanging out with Merilou and Jessie so often. 

The residency this second time around was a bit different. In February with Bedbugs, I focused a lot more on creating content: blog posts, instagram pics, etc. This time, you'll notice there are only a couple blog posts about WASI this month. There are about 8 instagram pics and a handful of facebook posts, but I made sure to spend time with them at least once a week! We got dinner, breakfast, dessert, hung at a house party, and wandered the Silverlake Farmer's Market. We're on the same page about so many things about the music scene, building a community and a story  around your art. WASI is about so much more than the music they make. They were formed out of a catharsis from teenage years of being bullied in suburbia, finding a voice as girls in music, and empowering those around them to rise up together. 

So though there isn't much content to show for it, Beating Lights spent all month getting to know WASI, and it was simply so sweet. And even though April is over,  you better believe I'll be seeing Merilou and Jessie real soon!

Here's a photo from today, at our wrap-up coffee date in Los Feliz:


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