words by Shab Ferdowsi

Beating Lights' resident band this June is Fever Charm! A four piece band from Oakland, CA now based here in LA, who are about to start making waves around town.

I love telling the story about how I met Fever Charm.

Sometime during Spring 2014 I get an email from their frontman Ari, sending over their music for submission on this blog. I was instantly hooked. Fast forward a few months and the band lets me know they'll be in town for a weekend that summer! So of course, we set up a little hang that includes an interview along with a live performance video (remember those acoustic sessions I used to shoot?) in a backyard in Silverlake. We have a swell time, but soon enough the band is on their way back to Boston to finish up their last year of college, so for the next 11 months we remain nothing more than Facebook friends. Summer 2015 comes around though, and I get word that all four dudes are moving to LA! So while they continue writing more music, while they start recording, and while Ari goes back to finish up one last semester before graduation, I hang tight anxiously waiting for them to get out into LA's music scene.

Which brings us here: June 2016. Fever Charms is now officially based in Los Angeles and getting ready to release an EP this summer. Beating Lights is now something  way more than what it's ever been, and it's so cool seeing where we are now, two years after we first connected.  

This June, I'm going to spend all month hanging out with these four dudes, getting to know them like I haven't been able to since we met, and hopefully getting you tuned in along the way.

Take a listen to the first single "Love Letters off their upcoming EP, and stay tuned for more as we make our way through this residency!


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