EVENT RECAP: BL House Party with Fever Charm •Schlotman • ICE CREAM

words and photos by Shab Ferdowsi

House parties are the most fun. I love gathering good music and good people into any space, especially if the space allows for more conversations, new friends, and good vibes. House parties are killer for bringing people together, and last night was one of the best where the BL community came out along with new faces and friends of friends. 

House parties are stressful: you have neighbors to worry about, you have technical issues that will most likely always come up, you have strangers in your home (or someone else's home).. But in the end, regardless it's a great time. Last night we had some speed bumps leading up to showtime: missing cables, a broken electric outlet, a band with lost keys... But it all came together, and though we ran an hour late, every band got to play, and everyone got to hang out and be a part of a really fun night. 

I decided to kick off the night with some of  my own songs, because why not? I played with a  band for the first time, and had my pals Kenzo and Ray on drums and bass. It was way more fun than playing alone, to say the leastFever Charm hit the stage right after, which I made sure would happen since they're BL's resident band this month. These guys are always so much fun to watch!  Schlotman are an SF band who were put on the bill thanks to Kevin form Ice Cream, and they were sweet dudes to get to know. We ended the show with ICE CREAM who, though I had just seen  them play the night before at the BL show at Resident, I was still singing along to shamelessly, definitely too excited for their final song, "Sick Over You" that I witnessed being recorded in the studio in SF last month. The San Francisco dudes are all headed back up to the bay now, but friendship is a beautiful thing and they're a part of Beating Lights even with the 8 hour bus ride between us.

The night wrapped up with a DJ set by the Fever Charm boys, who played throwback jams like "Yeah" and "Get Low", making it the best dance party any of us had been to since middle school. 

All in all? This weekend has been a blast. Good vibes only.