In Good Company: gathering together

Last Sunday June  26, I put together a basketball tournament at the park in Silver Lake. What was originally going to be a Bands vs Bands battle ended up simply being a few short pickup games, with teams made  up of various band members and non-band individuals alike. We even had about 10 people hanging out on the grass, eating cut fruit and drinking Capri Sun, chilling in the shade. I haven't gotten that sweaty since high school varsity, and it was definitely my favorite Sunday this year so far!!

People don't gather for the sake of gathering too often anymore. Especially in this world we're in, where we're constantly working on the next project, collaborating on a show, out somewhere in the scene, just working. I do love the work that I do, and being able to do it with so many awesome people. However. The picnic on Sunday made me realize the key to connecting and building actual friendships happens when we're totally outside of that scene. When we're just playing basketball and sweating in each other's faces, laying on the grass and eating watermelon, all in one another's good company.

This is how community is built. Sunday's afternoon hang at the park somehow blew my mind, and I think everyone there felt the bliss, too.

Park days will keep happening, friends! Every other Sunday.

So see you there? Sunday July 10. Bellevue Park. 2pm. Bring a basketball,  a blanket and your friends.