PLAYLIST: June '16

words and playlist by Shab Ferdowsi

We're halfway through 2016, what the heck?!

June was weird. It started out pretty awfully, without much of a direction for where I was going next: still living at home in my parent's house too far westside, still unemployed, still without a plan...

But then something happened right in the middle of the month around June 15, and life started moving forward. Beating Lights threw three swell events: one at the Resident, one in a backyard in Pasadena, and one basketball game at a park in Silver Lake. I started taking advantage of my time to set up all the meetings I could to throw ideas around, brainstorm, plot and plan. This month I learned a lot about what can come next with the community, with the business, with the friendships, and how I fit in around all of it.  I turned 24 along the way, feeling pretty about where I am, who I'm around, and where we're all headed together. 

As a result, I made a lot of new friends (on the internet and in real life) this month, whose music I've been listening to repeatedly. I didn't listen to much, apparently. It was a very social June, from shows, to pool parties, to picnics, to meetings, to interviews, to bus rides through Skid Row. 

Here's the music I listened to, from my ears to yours.