Dairy Dayz: an ICE CREAM Tour Diary (Sept '16)

words and photos by Shab Ferdowsi

Tour began last Friday and ended Sunday night. It was the shortest tour I've been on, but I think it was the best thing I've ever done. 

It had already been a sweet few months with ICE CREAM doing cool things like bussing up to San Francisco to shoot some recording sessions, booking them shows in LA, meeting up with them in Ojai, and other sporadic good times this summer. So when I decided to try booking a tour, it seemed obvious enough I would hit up the SF dudes to see if they were down for it. Once they gave me the green light the first week of July, I went on a whirlwind of sending emails, discovering out of town bands, dealing with booking agents, and trying to put it all together. It was at times stressful, but mostly so much fun.  I had so much fun in July virtually connecting with bands from different California cities and making new Facebook friends I would soon meet in person in these cities I was booking shows at.

Last week I took a bus up to San Francisco, and waited for Friday to come so I could hit the road down California with the band.  2.5 days on the road was all it took for me to realize how much I love this thing. I'd booked the shows (with the help of some local pals) and hit the road with my friends,  met some really awesome bands  and made new friends in different cities, got ICE CREAM to play in front of so many new faces and connect with different local scenes, and in the end got to document it all on my camera.

Getting to watch ICE CREAM play 4 shows in a row was still one of my favorite parts, almost as exciting as watching other people watch them and rock out as shamelessly as I was singing along to every lyric.

Check out the photos from the weekend that lowkey is going to change what happens next:

Friday Sept 2nd: Santa Cruz @ The Crepe Place w/ Burnt Palms and Terry Malts

Saturday Sept 3 (daytime): Santa Cruz Boardwalk


Saturday Sept 3: SLO @ Kreuzberg CA w/ Hayley and the Crushers and Shoot The Mariner

Sunday Sept 4: LA day @ Kaleidoscope Sundae + LA night @ The Hi Hat(no pics but it happened!)

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