RECAP: Chela + Disco Shrine + Zealyn + Axel Mansoor @ The Hi Hat 8.24.17

words and photos by Shab Ferdowsi

Last night's Beating Lights event was months in the making. Jessica (Disco Shrine) and I booked the event in June, originally with different plans in mind for what the show was going to be. One thing led to another, and we decided it was going to be just a party just for fun. "Fun" was our key word, and once Jess had the vision for what she wanted the event to look and feel like, I let her run with it like wildfire. Last night was exactly what we had hoped for: pure fun, just for the the fun of it. We had vendors selling jewelry, cake and succulents, an arts and crafts table, a huge blacklight installation by Lorna Phone, DJ sets by Blushh (lol hi that's me!) and Girls Gone Vinyl, and killer performances by Chela, Zealyn, Axel Mansoor and Disco Shrine herself. The place was decked out in light up balloons, emoji beach balls, and iridescent streamers. The vibes, as Beating Lights loves to encourage, were so good. 

Community is the people you gather around you, and last night so many good people gathered for the fun of it. :)

Here's a little gallery of photos I took, if you want to peep them. Otherwise, stay tuned, BL has events cooking up for September!

Event Recap: Backyard bBQ 6.10.17

words and photos by Shab Ferdowsi (except those photos of the band Blushh. those pics are by Kylie Nicholson lol)


My favorite part about producing events is finding those people who are great at what they do, bringing them together, then watching them do their thing in one space. The BB Q last weekend was one for the books! 

Lorna Phone brought her chalking station and had everyone on their knees doodling on the cement, Bryan (of Beachwood Coyotes) and Kiwon sold delicious pulled pork sliders and lentil sloppy joe's, and of course, the bands all killed it! I couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate my band Blushh' EP.

THANK YOU Good Luck Club, Dolly Spectra, Bien Bien and Beachwood Coyotes for playing your hearts out. THANK YOU Lorna, Kiwon, Neal, Jasmine and the whole Holy Unlikely House for collaborating with me on this one, Teamwork makes the dreams work, and so far, my dreams are working out quite well thanks to you. :)

Blushh wouldn't be here without Beating Lights, so thank you thank you THANK YOU for coming out to these events, coming early, staying late, being passionate and pursuing your creativity.

Cheers, y'all.

See you around town,


RECAP: WASI EP Release Show w/ Goon • Blushh • Maddie Ross

words by Shabnam Ferdowsi • Photos by Mallory Turner


I know I like throwing parties, I know I've gotten a good hang at throwing them too, BUT SHOOT Friday night was a hot one. It was WASI's EP release party at the Hi Hat, and I was so excited they asked my band Blushh to play. I gathered my other friends Maddie Ross and Goon for the bill, knowing we wanted this to be a friend fest more than anything else.

Taleen Kali DJ'd all night, Lorna Alkarna made a really sick backlight installation (middle photo above), Cake Slay sold cake treats, Bummer Popsicle had a custom button booth, and Kat Bing painted a canvas while the bands played. It was a creative playground that  hopefully turned the event into something of a house show (just like.. not in a house).

Thanks for coming out and dancing, grooving, or just bopping your head! I'm still tired and happy from the good vibes that you brought to the show.

See you at the next party?

Check out some sick photos by Mallory Turner below:




Maddie Ross


RECAP: BL Spring Fling @ Space 15 Twenty

words and photos by Shab Ferdowsi

We sprung into spring in the best possible way.

Last night we filled Space 15 Twenty to the brim with good friends and new faces for BL's Spring Fling. 

Yume and Gardenside (both containing members of Kid Cadaver aka BL favorites!) played their first shows as these new bands, and their pals (now my pals too!) Chatrooms also played the bill.

In true BL fashion, I filled the rest of the space with other cool creative cads who were selling flowers crowns (Mary Lou Blooms), bath bombs and salts (Stardust Coven), showing their art (@katbingart, @leslieinspace, @davidhowler) or helping a good cause (Peace Is The Mission).


Spring is looking mighty fine.

Can't wait to see what's next and hope you ya stick around for it!

See ya around town,


RECAP: Sleeplust • Cosmos & Creature • Expo 86 @ Resident

words and photos by Shab Ferdowsi

I absolutely love supporting my friends. This past Monday night Balcony TV and BL teamed up to co-present my friends' Sleeplust's single release at Resident. Cosmos & Creature and Expo 86 also played the bill, and Disco Shrine opened the night with a DJ set. Friends left and right, good vibes all around.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the night:

RECAP: GROVES• Bogan Via • NONA • Daise @ Resident 1/23/17

words and photos by Shab Ferdowsi

Monday night at the Resident was such a fun start to the week. GROVES, Bogan Via, NONA and Daise were all (more or less) new to Beating Lights and this show was such a rad collaboration. The room was packed, the vibes were so good, the patio was lit (literally... the fire pits outside are always my favorite!) and the bands played stellar performances. 

2017 is feeling groovy, y'all. Can't wait to see what more good vibes we bring together!

Here are some of my shots from the night:

RECAP: Vox & Voices (Dum Dum Zine Collaboration)

words and photos by Shab Ferdowsi

Friday the 13th could not have gone better. It was filled with good vibes, and SO many new faces and friends. I loved collaborating with Dum Dum Zine in putting it together; they're one good bunch of passionate ladies and this event proved the beautiful power of teamwork. 

There were readings by Nanor Abkarian, George Ducker and Michelle Tea who all brought charm and humor to the stage. Stephen Beebout (from San Francisco), Derek Ted (of Owl Paws) and Taleen Kali (Found of Dum Dum) all played short solo sets to a crowded, and super attentive, patio at Stories Books and Cafe. The mulled wine the cafe was serving was a sweet, sweet cherry on top.

Cheers to the magic that happens when we do things together, cheers to the magic that happens when people come together. 

RECAP: Beating Lights 2017 Kickoff

words and photos by Shab Ferdowsi

2017 could not have kicked off more beautifully. Backyard shows are my favorite because the vibes are truly the best: outdoors under the sun, surrounded by fresh air and PBR, new friends and good music, art and collaboration.

I love filling these events will interactive and immersive details and letting other creatives have fun. Lorna Alkarna drew portraits on a piece of clear plastic and Plantluvr had a tea corner at last Saturday's event, and people had such a fun time with both experiences. The music was hotter than fire thanks to Maddie Ross, Ugly Sweaters, Family Hahas and Death & His Couch Band, all good friends of mine/Beating Lights.  

Beating Lights is my excuse to gather good people and good music all together in one place. The Kickoff party brought so many faces from our little community together, while also introducing new fiends to the mix, and I LOVE seeing the magic unfold in front of me like that.

THANK YOU. The future is already filled with collaboration and adrenaline, and I can't wait to share it all with you.



xx Founder + Booker xx

EVENT RECAP: Kid Cadaver Single Release @ The Hi Hat 9/28/16

words by Shab Ferdowsi

The way I tell the story, Kid Cadaver was my gateway drug into the LA music scene. I met them in January 2015, and went to every single one of their shows that year until  I met all their friends, befriended all their band friends, and finally asked them if I could go on their tour with them in September. Flash forward to September 28, 2016, and Beating Lights presented their single release show for their newest tune "Personal Addict" at the Hi Hat where The Bulls, Disco Shrine and JARA (from San Diego) all helped light up the night.  

The vibes were good, the music was hot and the friendships were so sweet.

Jam to "Personal Addict" and check out some pics form the night below:

photos by Guadalupe Bustos:

photos by Shab Ferdowsi


words and photos by Shab Ferdowsi

KALEIDSCOPE SUNDAE was the cherry on top of my summer adventures.

One backyard, 6 hours, 6 bands, free beer, free ice cream, free boba drinks, painting stations, good vibes, new friends, good people. We might even call it a festival of sorts? It was beautiful seeing people interact, engage with the different painting stations, get their portraits painted, spontaneously decide to buy a $10 tattoo, and watch every band melt the stage. I was so humbled by everyone involved. We were gathering for the sake of gathering, for the sake of sharing art, for connecting with new people, for spending the day outside, eating ice cream and feeling good vibes.

Thank you for a part of it! This was one hella sweet way to end a rad summer at Beating Lights. Shoutout to Scene & Heard for putting it together with us, and so many cheers to everyone involved:


• Quiet Oaks •Goldensuns • ICE CREAM •

• tomemitsu•  The May CompanyJames Allen Spirit


Collective Kaleidoscope Painting Experience
by Lorna Alkana Art

Live Portraits by Jen Rose

Art Installation by Plantluvr


Beer by Pabst Blue Ribbon 

Ice Cream by Ice Cream Ian

Boba Tea by Boba 7


And here's an array of photos from throughout the afternoon! Peep it:

See you around town, friends.


RECAP: Official Echo Park Rising Showcase 2016

words and photos by Shab Ferdowsi

Last night was surreal. Beating Lights hit Echo Park Rising with an official stage at the Lost Knight on the second night of the fest this year. I still can't believe I was able to make it happen!

BL is still fairly new to the local scene. I threw the first backyard show in September 2014, but it really wasn't until January of this year when I began booking shows at venues, connecting with more bands around town, and putting myself out there that I began to become more involved with the scene. 2016 has been nothing short of thrilling so far, and to be able to celebrate where BL has come in just the past year with a stage at EPR was humbling.

For the bill, I gathered all the bands who've been giving their friendship (and time) back into Beating Lights in one form or another. Because that's why I do what I do! I strive to be able to support the artists I work with, hoping to give them a platform to share their art, connect with one another, make more friends, and eventually, expand their own communities for even more growth. In return, all I really ask for is friendship. 

Last night the bands came hours earlier before their sets, and stayed passed their load-out times, to hang out, mingle, and support the community. It was SO Sweet to see it all happen. :)

Shoutout to my friends who killed the stage: WASI • Minimall • Super Whatevr • Royaljag •  Bedbugs • AudioMammal • The Knitts • Liv Slingerland • Outside Animals

Check out some photos from the night and listen to the playlist below!

Our next event is on Sunday September 4th in backyard in DTLA, 2-7pm, FREE, All ages, free ice cream, free beer, 6 bands, all kinds of fun.

More info here.  

See you around town, friends!


RECAP: Remix Party @ Touch Vinyl 8/13/16

words by Shab Ferdowsi

Bringing people together and making friends is what I love doing best, Through the events I'm putting on, through the content I'm creating,  it's all to build a community of artists I'm befriending, supporting, and collaborating with. 

Joseph Pepe is one friend I've made this year thanks to Beating Lights. We met in January at the reLaunch Party. Ever since, he's come out to countless events, engaging with the community and sharing his good vibes with us. Needless to say, when I found out he was remixing some songs by bands he'd connected with through me/Beating Lights, I was more than ecstatic. These collaborations were a direct product of BL's purpose to connect people and melt communities together.

Over the weekend we threw a party to celebrate the release of the remixes, for tracks by WASI, Ugly Sweaters and Kid Cadaver. We held the party at Touch Vinyl, where we filled the record store with good friends and new ones. The bands performed the songs acoustically, after which we proceeded to hear the remixed versions on the loudspeakers. DJ Fannypack (aka Kenzo Cardenas of Kid Cadaver) kept the good vibes rolling between bands, and the conversations flowed so well through the different groups of people and friends. 

A party to celebrate friendship, and all the cool things we can do together.

Listen to the remixes here:

photos by Jenna Mason-Brase

EVENT RECAP: Summer Spell @ Resident

On Saturday July 16, we took over the Resident with Shop Used Shop Local for Summer Spell, an afternoon party filled with bands, pop up vendors, friends and good vibes.Beats & Pieces and Beyond The Lines curated the art, and all together we gathered our creatives communities to connect with one another, sweat under the heat, and share the magic.

We had live music by Wet & Reckless Trickster Guru ,  Fever Charm and  LA Font , with DJ sets by So Many Wizards, all of whom had us grooving with our drinks in hand, air conditioning on full blast, friends by our sides. Between sets, we wandered out into the sun onto the patio to shop vintage goods, look through some art, get our portraits painted, and if we were feeling spontaneous enough, get ourselves a 10$ tattoo.


Many thanks to everyone who came out!  Did you buy something out in the patio? Did you make a new friend? We want to know!

Beating Lights has a LOT coming up. Connect with us on FB to stay in touch!

In the meantime, peep through the photos form a few of our pals who captured the afternoon::

Photos by Anna Lopez: