Winter is here.

Winter is here and Christmas is coming, so put that fireplace on, make yourself a cup of tea and hit play on bunderland's newest tune below.

Unless of course you're in Los Angeles like I am and it's about 80 degrees outside, in which case, just close your eyes and pretend?

NEW MUSIC: Kiki Halliday- Love Notes EP

words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

LA artist Kiki Halliday just released her first EP, Love Notes, today. 

The production is simple and straightforward,  highlighting Kiki's soulful songwriting and emotion. The favorite seems to be the title track, "Love Notes", that got everyone singing along with the catchy chorus at her EP Release Show over the weekend. 

My personal favorite though has to be "Beautiful Soul". The harmonies and general arrangement of the song compliment Kiki's emotional vocals and get you swaying along in no time. (I'm all about that sway-ability!)

First releases like this one are always an exciting time for an independent artist, and we can't wait to see what's next!


Take a listen here and let us know what you think!


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NEW MUSIC: Drew Tabor- In The Garden EP

words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Drew Tabor, also known as drewby1xo by her dedicated Youtube fans, just released her second EP, In The Garden, today. I've been waiting for this release for months, and the release has already proven my faith in Drew! It's already made it to #14 on iTunes Singer Songwriter charts, and the buzz is very much well deserved. 

The EP, along with the all the visual branding that surrounds it, truly captures how far Drew has come over the past years. In three words? Classic, honest and emotional. It's aways exciting to see an artist be able to hone in on a style, and I think Drew hit the spot here. 

My absolutely favorite off the EP is "Masterpiece". Aside from Tabor's chillingly poignant vocals, the lyrics show a maturity and honesty that proves Drew as more than just another Youtube cover artist. 

This EP is only just beginning of an exciting future, especially as Drew heads out on her first tour up and down the West Coast in November! 

Take a listen and let us know what you think!

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Haven't heard of Lincoln Jesser yet? It's about time you did. This local LA artist is making that synth-pop that makes you groove and writes the lyrics that make you roll down the car window and sing at the top of your lungs. 

Take a listen and get to him a little better below!

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 11.22.35 AM.png

If someone’s never heard your music before, how would you describe it to them in one sentence? Psychedelic synth pop.

If you could collaborate with any musician, dead or alive, who would it be and why? Marvin Gaye...I'd want to produce for him. His voice and his message were both amazing beyond words.

As an artist, what’s on your long-term bucket list? Scoring a film.

What do you want listeners to take away from your music? I'd hope my music inspires them to take risks in the name of happiness, and to let the people they love know that they do in fact love them.

What’s your favorite concert you’ve been to? Daft Punk at Coachella 2006, MGMT in Brooklyn 2007, and The Strokes at Lollapalooza 2010

Who are you listening to right now? Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Lemaitre, and CHVRCHES


NEW MUSIC: A.F. Paxton- Our Way

A.F. Paxton just released "Our Way" last week with NY-based Go Rogue Records. The track is part of the label's Young Blood album out today, which is a compilation of edgy electronic pop tracks. 

"Our Way"'s blend of acoustic instruments and digital production creates an extremely cool, dreamy feel.  It's the perfect track to end summer with. My favorite verse has to  be "Nothing can get in our way", the epitome of endless possibilities and a the feels of an unpredictable future. 

Take a listen here!

NEW FIND FRIDAY: Dust & Chrome- Money in the Bank

Dust & Chrome is an LA-based project of Brooklyn native Willie Nedrow. Their track "Money in the Bank", mastered  by Brian Lucey (the Black Keys/Chet Faker/Hanni El Khatib), is a tight blend of traditional songwriting and electronic and analog production styles. There's the folk we all love and the beats we can all groove to. He's got a super fun thing going on here, and I'll be looking forward to more!

Listen here and let us know what you think!


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LISTEN: Tapioca and the Flea-Take It Slow

by Shabnam Ferdowsi

This LA-based band has been on my radar since they opened for a Red Bull Sound select show last summer, and I'm finally going to see them  again this weekend! They're playing at Tarfest, the free music festival at the LA Brea TarPits along with a  few other local indie bands. 

"Take it Slow" is the only track currently on Spotify (my main source for listening to music) but I know their music setlist is filled with more good stuff like this one. It's dance-y, it's synth-pop, with a dash of indie rock and if I'm not already sweating from the 90 degree weather at Tarfest, I'll make sure I'll be moving to the beat, because how can you not? 

NEW MUSIC: The Hammers- Hammer City EP

by Shabnam Ferdowsi

I wasn't around in the 80's, and I'm pretty sure the members of the The Hammers weren't either, but there's something undeniably cool about a band that can make you feel like you're walking down the Sunset Strip 25 years ago (at least, how we imagine it must have been to walk down the Sunset Strip 25 years ago).

"Hammer City" might as well be the band's theme song (probably is, right?). The repeating chorus line, "Hammer City, let's have fun tonight" sounds like a pretty good description of the band's live performance, and generally how they're approaching their music. The guitar solos are on point and Nick Belcher's vocals fit the bill perfectly for the intense, head-banging rock track.

Take a listen to the full EP here!


#TBT: TNAF- Punching in A Dream

by Shabnam Ferdowsi

We're starting a new series to roll with the #TBT craze, throwing it back to our favorites from a while ago.

First up: The Naked and Famous- Punching in A Dream.

Off their first record, Passive Me, Aggressive You (2010), the song is now four years old and still gives the same feels like you're hearing it for the first time. The synth-pop has a way of filling your heart with a dancing beat that'll make you sing along in the car at the top of your lungs.

It's my favorite TNAF hit to date. Hit play and dance along. 

New Music: Chase- ONE

by Shabnam Ferdowsi

I'm all about sway-ability these days, and Chase's new album, ONE, hits the spot. It's acoustic pop at it's best with relatable lyrics and crisp vocals. My favorite has to be "Sleep" with its cute, catchy chorus that goes "be the last thing that I see / meet me in my dreams". 

"Superhero" is another favorite that I got stuck in my head after our little acoustic session on his rooftop a few weeks ago. This one's got a head-bopping beat, but still keeps the same sweet acoustic feel.

Check out the album here!

New Music Tuesday: AMJ- Brothers

AMJ is an LA-based trio comprised of Axel Mansoor, Justin Siegal and Miller Wrenn.  Their first tracks as a band, "Brothers", was released today and it's been stuck in my head all day! It's alternative pop at its best, with a catchy chorus set aside some cool acoustic guitar riffs, and topped with Axel Mansoor's emotional vocals à la John Mayer. 

AMJ will be releasing their next track on September 19, and personally, I can't wait.

Take a listen to the track here and let us know what you think!


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