Artist Spotlight: DownBeat Keys

photo: Shabnam Ferdowsi

Where: Brooklyn, NY

Who:  Kadahj Bennet (vocals), Baldwin Tang (keys), Andrew Root (bass), Ryan Calabrese (drums), Jared Schneider (guitar)

Sounds Like: Hip Hop with a pop groove.

 “We started out as a groove band, and then we went into pop songs, then we kind of came back into groove song [with the EP Memory Chrome]”


“’Wouldn’t it be crazy and revolutionary if we did hip-hop, with a live band’… Then we didn’t talk about it for four year”

The DownBeat Keys formed at Day Hamilton College their senior year to create a live, hip-hop band.  


“The sound of it, the syllables, and to be able to use letters, DBK.”


Connect with The DownBeat Keys!

Website // Facebook // Twitter

Artist Spotlight: Magic Man


photo:Gavin Thomas

Where:Boston, MA

Who: Alex Caplow (vocals), Sam Lee (guitar), Gabe Goodman(bass), Justine Bowe (keys), Joey Sulkowski (drums)

Sounds Like: The Killers with a slight nostalgic flavor, tossed into an electronic rock that makes you want to dance like no one’s watching. 

Why the name ‘Magic Man’

Summer after their freshman year, while working on an organic farm in France, Alex and Sam met a man who called himself the “Magic Man”. He was the first person they showed their original music to, and found it fitting to name their band after their french friend. 

Looking Forward

Godzilla the movie, Touring (w/ Nigh Terrors of 1927in early summer and later  with Panic at the Disco) and the album release.

Bucket List

-Play with Coldplay

-Smash a guitar at a performance, but preferably a replica guitar

They’ve come a long way since they first starting making music in their bedrooms on Garageband. Make sure to catch a live show on their tour this summer, and dance to their EP ‘You Are Here’ before their album comes out!

Connect with Magic Man

Site // Facebook // Twitter // Soundcloud // Instagram

Spotlight: Cardiknox

Where: NY, NY

This indie/electro/rock genre is catching on fast, and Cardiknox  is the right path. They’re under the same management as [my favorite band ever] Hunter Hunted, and I’m really digging them right now!

LA peeps: Check them out at School Night on 9/16!! Tix here

Spotlight: Feral Conservatives

I love the sound of the mandolin, and i love indie rock. 

Feral Conservatives have brought these two sounds together in perfect harmony all the way from Virginia Beach.

Check them out! :)