Electric Daisy Carnival- Las Vegas 2013

This was my first EDC.
It was beyond words, beyond amazing, beyond unforgettable.
I saw many DJ’s, made many new friends, discovered new styles I found I like.
The entire weekend was unexpected. I ended up running into friends, getting lost, splitting up, and meeting up with people I wasn’t expecting to see there at all. Overall, though, there are too many happy, positive feelings for there to be any room left for any negative thinking.
The energy, the people, the crowds, the music, the community, the family. It’s interesting how big an industry EDM is becoming, especially here in the US. I remember in high school back at my uber-small, private, french school in LA, David Guetta was all the rage. Techno  was in, and whoever could dance la techtonik,  was pretty cool. But then I graduated high school and kind of forgot about the genre. I had some Tiesto, Calvin Harris and David Guetta still hanging out in my iPod, but really, I hardly listened to them at all.
Over the past six months my friends have re-introduced me to the genre, and I quickly began discovering more DJ’s on my own time. Adventure Club, Afrojack and Swedish House Mafia quickly reached my Top 25 Most Played on my iTunes, and my bookmarks bar was marked with EDM music blogs.
After Beyond Wonderland in March, I had to have more, and knew I needed to go to EDC (it helped that the third day, June 23, fell on my 21st birthday..;))

My favorite sets over the weekend definitely have to be Above & BeyondTritonal, Hardwell, Major Lazer and Dash Berlin. The way they felt the crowd (and the crowd felt them) was so contagious, and they knew how to make us feel their music. I never truly understood that, “feeling” music. And honestly, you wouldn’t until you attended such an event. it’s not a regular music festival, not a regular concert. Because the music at an event like EDC is about 60% of the whole deal. The other 40% belongs within the realm of friendship, respect, free-spiritedness and love ([P]eace [L]ove [U]nity [R]espect). You’re probably thinking, “Those damn hippies..”, to which I say, YES.

I’ve been to many an indie rock and alternative concert, and the vibes  emanating from the crowds there are often more on the side of “Yeahhh this is really good music I’m swaying/bopping my head to right now”.

That’s why EDM is different, in my opinion of course. (because… this whole blog is just my opinion anyway…lol). People may look down on the genre, on raves, massives, festivals and the like. But most often (and I say this based on my own previous misconceptions), they haven’t experienced it for themselves.