Event Recap: Make Music Pasadena

Founded in 2008, Make Music Pasadena is a free music festival that takes place in downtown Pasadena, CA. This past weekend, on Saturday, June 1st, 2013, from 11am to 11pm, Make Music rocked it (literally).

 It was my first year going and I had no idea what to expect, except really, really hot weather.  A friend and I got there around 1pm, and headed straight for the Indie Rock Stage. Hunter Hunted played an incredible live show, and the loud bass and high volume were a very different feel than their more grounded show at The Roxy on May 23rd, but the energy was bigger and better, and the crowd loved it!

The rest of the day was a chaotic madness of running from stage to stage, eating ice cream, finding some shade to stand in, and listening to some of the best music I’ve discovered in the past month.

On the Playhouse District stage, we first saw Dom La Nena, a young brazilian-born singer. Amidst the heat and the crowds, her music made it that much more bearable. Her sweet voice, poetic lyrics and simple ukelele made me feel like I was standing in a field of flowers. People sang along and swayed to her words, and I will definitely be listening to more of her now.

Next up on that stage we hung back and saw Robert DeLong. A native of the state of Washington, he blends indie rock, EDM, and moombahton. His performance was so stellar (and I never use that word). Playing a real drum-set along with MIDI instruments, he’s becoming one for the most talented musicians I’ve found, and more people should hear his music!

Finally, our day ended at the french stage, in an alleyway behind the Alliance Francaise, the french language and culture institute. In that cramped space was where my friend and I were blown away by The Lonely Wild. Based right here in Los Angeles (no, they’re not french!), this band puts an interesting touch on the indie rock genre, bringing in a trumpet and adding a hint of Country. When music puts a smile on my face and almost bring me to tears for reason even I can’t explain, I know  I have to share this music with the world.  Clearly, I can’t put my feelings into words well enough, so you just have to check them out for yourselves!

Even with the 95 degree weather and insane crowds, Make Music’s success lied in the artists it brought, the invigorating performances they all played, and the spirit of art and expression that was in the air.

I have it marked down for next year already :)

Hunter Hunted 

Hunter Hunted 

 Jessica Fichot

The Lonely Wild