Interview w/ Benjamin Dara

My name is Benjamin Dara. I’m from Salt Lake City, Utah, however my father is from Shiraz, Iran. It all began one day when my uncle came to visit from Germany and he began to play his violin for me. What passion and beauty! Before he returned home he left a couple instruments. Never again would my life be the same.  Now I am here to share with you the wonderful gift of music. Lend me your ears, open your hearts and enjoy the ride.

You have a very unique sound! What inspired to create your own style?

My whole life has culminated in the style I play, from every conversation had to every minute of practicing, jamming and performing. It is constantly evolving and growing to new heights. Really my roots of style were born in the beginning from doing what I wanted to do musically when I wanted. Most of the time it didn’t sound right and it took quite some time trailblazing to really have a style of my own.

What inspires your songwriting?

Anything can inspire a song. I prefer to think that several different events in life serve as catalysts and eventually culminate in music coming forth. Once I read somewhere that music is expression of that which cannot be spoken, yet needs to come out. What I see is that when one is tuned in, the song writes itself.

Why do you make music?

Some build boats, others run races. I play music. From the beginning it just felt right and I can tell you that feeling only continues to build. It’s one of the most beautiful things one can do in life. Everyone has music in them. Instead of fearing it dying within us, all we need to do is create an open space for it to grow and flourish. The benefits are incredible. They say that those who sing in life are happier and live longer. I say let’s make some music!

What are you currently up to?

Writing a bunch of material and getting ready to get into the studio and record in the very near future. You’re gonna love the turnout. Stay tuned!

Where do you see your music heading in the next year?

Through the cosmos on a high speed chase to the next galaxy. You know I’ve been getting more diverse in a number of things songwriting wise. So it’s gonna be very exciting to incorporate new elements as well as new members of my band will be featured on coming releases. Overall I have a very open yet direct understanding of where I am and want to be musically speaking over time.

If you could collaborate with any musician (past or present),who would it be and why?

Freddie Mercury. Much like Jimi Hendrix was Little Richard’s apprentice, I would have loved to shadow Freddie. Such diversity and brilliance in his music and voice. Can you imagine the kind of music to be made in jams with Mercury? Who would even need to record it? Now we’ve gotta bust out the time machine. I’m salivating. Better yet, let’s meditate on it. J

And finally, anything big coming up we should know about?

A music video is coming out very, very soon! It is some absolutely beautiful footage. If that isn’t enough the song is very lovely and waltz like. We have seen very great feedback from listeners and performances. Really a great number (one of my favorites). It’s called “At Peace”.

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