Interview w/ Bronze Radio Return

When it came time for the band to record their latest full-length album Up, On & Over, they found themselves in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains on a farm in the tiny town of Louisa, Virginia.In their journey as a band, recording in different parts of the United States has opened up their ears and minds.  “We find it’s easier to get into a creative zone when we’re outside of our element,” lead singer and guitarist Chris Henderson explains, “we were surrounded by goats, chickens, and farmland.”  The trek south this year was just the latest venture for Bronze Radio Return (Henderson, drummer Rob Griffith, lead guitarist Patrick Fetkowitz, keys player Matthew Warner, bassist Bob Tannen, and harmonica/banjoist extraordinaire Craig Struble) who are no strangers to recording in new – andsometimes remote – places.

Their story starts in Hartford, where members orbited each other at The Hartt School, one of the country’s top music conservatories.  After finding each other and solidifying their line-up in 2008, hey began writing music and found that their surroundings played a huge part in their creative energies.  

BL: Tell us about your most recent album, 

Up, On and Over. 

How is it different from your past work? How has the response been?

Chris Henderson: Up, On and Over

 is our third full length album release recorded in rural Virginia last summer. It feels great to have a new collection of songs to work with both in a promoting realm and in a live setting. We really enjoy the process of translating the recorded material into live performances of the songs- always aiming to be relatable to the record, yet always looking for little ways to make the live show a different experience. I think our newest album is an extension and further development to the sound we’ve been working on for the last five years. I think it’s entirely relatable to our last couple albums, but possibly has more depth than our previous work. New textures, new forms, etc…We’ve seen a really positive reaction to the new tunes and are excited to be sharing the music with people around the country.

BL: Where do you find your inspiration when it comes to songwriting?


Every time I go looking for inspiration I come up empty handed. Many of the times I  considered myself “inspired” I didn’t realize it until after the fact. I’m not sure exactly where inspiration comes from or how it gets here, but I do think a lot of it comes from perspective and questioning. I think some of our songs can be filed in the “not what you see, it’s how you see it” category which for me is one of my favorites. Life is what you make of it- sit around and be sad or go out there and do cool shit. 

BL: Who has inspired your style? And moreover, how did you find your own style?


Sometimes I think BRR is the mutt of a bunch of various styles. As a band of 6 dudes we have many similar musical tastes and probably just as many musical differences. From folk to rock to jazz to blues to plaids to boots to picky eaters to try it all- Our style the product of six like-minded and entirely unique individuals making music we love making together in hopes of connecting with an audience. I think you find your style by respectfully doing whatever you want to do. I feel like we live in age where everything and anything has the power of being cool.

BL: What are you currently up to? Anything big coming up we should know about?


We  just announced the first leg of our Fall Tour which will bring us through the West Coast, Southwest and Midwest in September and October. We will have more dates being announced in the near future. For now, we just finished up the bulk of our Summer touring and have some time to relax for a couple weeks.

BL: And finally, who are you listening to right now?


I’ve been listening to Lucius, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Vampire Weekend, Band of Horses and Wilco a bunch. I recently replaced my broken record player and have been diving into a stack of dusty vinyl. This week I’ve been listening to Talking Heads while drinking my coffee in the morning and Emmylou Harris while drinking bourbon on my porch at night.




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Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion

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Bristol, TN - Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion

Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion

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Scottsdale, AZ

Pub Rock Live

October 1, 2013

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San Francisco, CA

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Eugene, OR


October 5, 2013

Portland, OR

Bunk Bar

October 6, 2013

Seattle, WA

Tractor Tavern

October 8, 2013

Salt Lake City, UT

Bar Deluxe

October 9, 2013

Denver, CO


October 10, 2013

Ft. Collins, CO

Avagadro’s number Resturant

October 12, 2013

Minneapolis, MN

7th Street Entry

October 13, 2013

Milwaukee, WI

Shank Hall

October 15, 2013

Chicago, IL

Beat Kitchen

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