An Interview w/ The Naked and Famous


Answers by Thom Powers:

What was your inspiration behind In Rolling Waves?

Touring, living full time as a musician, the past, the present, the future, Passive Me, Aggressive You, success, failure, love, sex, trust, compassion, friendship, hunger, boredom and of course a sense of gratitude and responsibility to our wonderful fans.

How was it different than your first album?

We had less time, more resources, more refined skills, more refined ambitions and a desire to challenge ourselves as performers, song writers, producers and engineers.

Could you say your songwriting has changed or developed in the past two years?

Definitely. Where I normally would’ve remained fixated on production, timbre, layering and mixing, I tried to re-focus myself with basic songwriting: chords, lyrics and melody. We definitely tried to create greater dynamic impact with In Rolling Waves, both sonically and emotionally. Sticking to a very performance-friendly sonic template helped us achieve this. All the songs are “live” songs. Between the 5 of us we can perform each and every part. 

What’s been your favorite part about touring?

I think being able to meet fans is pretty special. Especially when they’re not expecting it! It’s hard to pick a favorite part though… the entire experience is a privilege.

What are you looking forward to in 2014?

Coachella, More touring, Coachella again, The Governors Ball, Europe in the summer, American winters, writing, demoing, recording new music… making it through to 2015!

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