Interview w/ The Royal Concept

 Just in time for their concert in Los Angeles on Thursday, December 12, I was lucky enough to get in a few questions with the Stockholm-based band, The Royal Concept.


Answers by Filip Bekic

How did you hone in on your own distinct stye?

All four of us came from different corners of music, Magnus grew up with

lots of Jazz, Povel lots of Electronica and David and I came from a more

singer/songwriter direction, so when we all got together we mixed and

shared all these experiences and that’s what became The Royal Concept.

Like any band there were a few detours but after a while everything just


What’s your songwriting process like?

In the beginning David, the singer, did most of the groundwork and then

showed it to Filip and Filip wrote the lyrics. Then we arranged and

produced it all together.

But things have changed recently in a good way. Everyone is writing more

on their own and it feels great.

So the song writing process will definitely develop in the future and the

next record.

What inspires you?

Love and Life. People we meet on the road and stories, articles and books

we read. We lived crazier lives a few years ago with lots of partying and

decadent shit. Now we mostly sit in a tour bus having anxiety over

turning 30 soon so the next album might be a melancholic one. Love and

misery is always our main subjects.

What’s your favorite part about touring?

Playing shows!

If you could play at any venue in the world, where would that be?

Every venue has its own charm. We’d love to play Hollywood Bowl but then

it’s gotta be packed. Otherwise we’d feel pretty alone :)

So it all depends on the circumstances. For now a packed, sold out

Grammercy Theatre in New York was a dream come true!

If you could collaborate with any musician, who would it that be?

David always says that if Joni Mitchell is up for a duet his life would

be complete.

What are you currently working on?

We’re touring North America right now and then we’re going back to Europe

to do some shows. We’ll have a couple of weeks off in February when we’ll

probably go to Filips home country Croatia and try to write and record

some new stuff. We’ve kind of grown tired of our own songs so we need new


What can we except from The Royal Concept in the near future?

Shows, passion, cannonballs, fireworks and albums!

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