An Interview w/ MajorLOVE

 We are Major and Johnna Harris, a husband wife indie pop duo out of Phoenix, Arizona. We met at a concert and now we get to perform in them together. The two of us are truly blessed to be able to share our passions and make music we love together. It all started with us writing parody cover songs as friends and has since blossomed into a serious project (and marriage!!) under the title “MajorLOVE” 

How does your relationship play into your music?

Firstly, being married, bandmates, and business partners really is amazing. When we write we try to pull on personal experiences. It is our goal to bring our listeners into our lives and to give them a glimpse into our relationship. For example, “Sunrise” is about a couple of late night drives that we took to California, from our home here in AZ, when we first met. I (Johnna) had it in my mind that the sun rose over the ocean. I called up a couple of friends, Major being one of them, and convinced them to hop in the car with me last minute and hit the beach. We made it all the way to Laguna Beach only to realize that the sun was rising behind us. Needless to say, we spent the day sleeping on the beach, had a super fun bbq, and then a food fight to top it off. We had so much fun and that was really the first time Major and I got to spend in deep conversation. “Sunrise” encompasses the beginning of our forever. 

     We really rely on each others strengths and have a lot of fun getting to know more about ourselves through the songs we write.

How did we come up with our band name?

Haha, to start, my husband’s legal name is Aaron. The last band he was in there was another member named Aaron so he started going by A.J. (gag me backstreet boy!) His band was playing a festival in Mississippi and the crowd thought he introduced himself as Major, clearly a cooler name, so from that point on he went by Major. When we started working on our own music a couple of our friends joked we should go by MajorLOVE and it just  

kind of stuck!

Why do we make music?

We are passionate about connecting people to music through an experience. The reason we make music is because it is one of the best ways to start conversation, it’s a place to ask the hard questions, and a platform for building something so much bigger than just the two of us. 

If we could work with any artist past or present who would we choose?

For this project, we could narrow it down to two: Danger Mouse and Nate Ruess of Fun.

Danger Mouse because, he’s so out of the box and his programming is OUT OF THIS WORLD. I think we could learn a lot from him.

Nate Ruess because he is so darn good at writing lyrics and we love his Arizona roots.

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