Music in Movies: Shell Suite By Chad Valley (in Warm Bodies)

I watched Warm Bodies recently, and the soundtrack was absolutely amazing. Most of my music thus far has come from film and tv soundtracks, and Warm Bodies hit the spot. One of my favorite songs was in the scene where Julie is racing down the runway in the convertible with R. 

Here, Chad Valley's “Shell Suite” plays in the background, Julie's hair blows in the air and R has never felt happier. The song totally captures the feeling of freedom and peace that embodies the scene, and I had to find out who the song was by. 

The film’s music was supervised by Alexandra Patsavas at Chop Shop Music who has supervised for such films and shows as Grey’s anatomy (since 2005), The Twilight films (all of them!), the upcoming Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The O.C., and many, many more. Basically, she’s awesome.

Check out the song and let me know what you think!