SESSION: Kid Cadaver- New Friends

Kid Cadaver is a band based in LA. I found them on Free Bike Valet about a month ago and instantly got hooked onto their music. So I hit them up, went to a couple of their shows, they played our backyard event last week, and now here they are playing a stripped down version of their newest single,"New Friends".


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SESSION- Kingston- Eating Flowers

Kingston is an indie/brass band based in Kilkenny, Ireland and was lucky enough to meet up with two of their 6 members, Steve and Shane, for this session! Shot in Andrew Ryan's bar. 

With some members off in university, and others still in high school, these guys are so young yet so talented. They've played Electric Picnic, one of Ireland's biggest music festivals, they've played all of Kilkenny, and they're currently working on their next EP.

I'm so excited to see where these guys go.


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SESSION: bunderland- Son

"If you can't cut it live, and you build a lot of who you are on that promise,  that's a bit disingenuous, know what I mean?".- Ben Sunderland

bunderland is the solo project of Ben Sunderland, vocalist of what used to be Chasing Owls. He lives in Edinburgh, Scotland and I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting up with him while I was  across the pond in the Uk for a session and quick chat.

How has your songwriting changed since going solo?

I think whatever had changed with the writing had already changed  before the band came to an end, so it was more of me realizing that change. 

It's a lot more self-reflective in terms of content. And I think writing changes with the seasons; I'll be writing in a different headspace today than in the summer. And since I'm writing all the time it's a good measure of me, I suppose? There's constantly a record of where I'm at.

Have you been gigging a lot since you started this project?

I was quite aware of the risk of making it work in the studio, then if it worked live it'd be a bonus. Whereas the way I'd brought myself up in music has always been live first and everything follows thereafter.

[...] It's lovely because most things that come in, I can say Yes to, where previously with a band you're thinking "Well, will drums work in that space? will you be deaf by the end of it?". 


What's been your favorite show you've ever played?

[Chasing Owls] played Glastonbury 2013, and that was amazing. It just feels really like a family, with a huge spectrum  of ages. And therefor our show was just amazing, so lovely. I would genuinely tell everyone to go, regardless of you are.I'd tell my mum to go!

What would be your favorite kind of place to play?

There's something about art centers: you have a gallery, a cafe, a studio space, a performance space... kind of purpose built for that. 

At that building's inception, they're making it for the arts. It's really easy to tap into that ethos when you arrive and you're like,"Ah, this feels like I'm welcome here."

What's the next 6 months looking like?

I want an album. I'm really keen to collaborate [with a producer] in doing that. There's loads  of space in my music that I think someone could have a lot of fun with. I'm more excited about that potential than the "fear of letting go".


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SESSION: Andrew Pearson- I've Been Unkind To You

Andrew Pearson is an artist currently based in Fife, Scotland.

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EVENT RECAP: A Beating Lights Acoustic Night #1

by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Last Friday night, on September 5th, I hosted Beating Lights' first ever backyard show. On the bill: Drew Tabor, The Neighbors, brightener, and dale. There was sangria, a bunch of all of our friends and lot of a creativity in the air. 

I had no idea what to expect, and I don't think anyone else did either. The artists sounded fantastic, and the good vibes all around really made the night so wonderful. I met so many people I had been wanting to meet, made so many new connections and at the end of the night, I was honestly sad it was over. 

What I learned that night: build it and they will come. People made the trek all the way to West LA, which is not exactly close. I think everyone realized this was going to be a different night, not just another show at a coffee shop by campus. 

There was so much creativity in the air, from Andi running sound, Kylie shooting photos, my video camera rolling, the artists singing, the like-minded people watching and everyone else who just wanted a night filled with art. There was something cool happening that night, a community that had come together into this one hub all somehow connected by 2 or 3 degrees of separation. I'm getting high off all the feels just writing about it!

If I wasn't confident enough before, I'm definitely confident now: I'm in this game for the long haul. There's so much that we can make out of this, and I'm so excited to brew more ideas and make more nights like last Friday keep happening. 


ACOUSTIC: Brett Fromson- Lazy Ways

"My music is trying to speak to the everyday human being. I need to get out in America, on the road, and play for Joe Somebody. I think those are the people who need to hear it, not just LA."

Genre: Americana, Folk-Rock, Lyrical.

Influences: Paul Simon, James Taylor, Counting Crows, The Band; blues, country, funk.

Dream Collaboration: Van Morrison.

Musical Purpose: "I want to speak to other people the way other people speak to me, and connect. If I can do for one person what "Bridge Over Troubled Water" did for me, then I'll be fine."



ACOUSTIC: Fever Charm- Sound of Summer

"We're guys who write pop songs, that play rock music,  that wish they could play funk."

Where: Northern California 

Who: Arieh Berl (vocals, guitar), Théo Quayle (guitar), Jared Tyler "JT" Gagarin (drums), Yianni Quayle (bass).

Arieh, Théo and Yianni met back in middle school up in Oakland. They met JT when he and Yianni had a class together at the Berklee College of Music in Boston during their freshman year. Fever Charm as we know really kicked off when JT joined in on the music making. 

Dream Collaborations: HAIM, The Strokes, Funkadelic, Major Lazer, Pharrell, Ricky Reed from 'Wallpaper'.

Bucket List: Play with the Red Hot Chili Peppers; play the local Bay Area venues (i.e. the Fox Theatre); festival tour; group tattoos of a galloping giraffe.

What's in a name? "Well we were all really sick, and it was because we were eating way too much Lucky Charms."