PHOTOS: Bedbugs EP Release Show @ The Bootleg 5/1/17

words and photos by Shab Ferdowsi

The Bedbugs EP Release show was a friend fest for the books. Gardenside, Family Hahas, Arms Akimbo joined them for the party at the Bootleg on May 1st, and the room was filled with too many friendly faces from the bubble of social circles that makes up the community we're in.

I was literally smiling all night.

Listen to the EP "Glasshouse" below and view some photos I took at the show!

photos below by yours truly.

PREMIERE: Bedbugs- Like The Earth

words and interview by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Bedbugs is our resident band this month, so I'm really excited to premiere their next single,"Like The Earth"! The trio from Thousand Oaks has added a fourth member on the guitar, and changed up their vibes by moving from recording in their garage to a drum studio. They recorded this track with Jake Munk from Hunny who brought in his own vision for the song to make this sound like the Bedbugs crew got remixed into a different playlist. It's rhythmic like adrenaline and synthetic like the dancefloor, but it's still as raw as any band who's used to playing loud in their suburban garage. Singer Alex Johnson's lyrics pull at your heartstrings as always though, and remind you what it's like being human. I'm loving seeing their sound evolve right now, and I can't wait to see what more is coming next.

I got the chance to ask frontman Alex Johnson some questions about the new sounds. Take a listen to "Like The Earth" and peep his answers below:

The Bedbugs sound is evolving. Was this an active decision or something that just started naturally happening? Are there new artists who’ve been inspiring you?

I feel like this is something a lot of people are curious to know whenever a band modifies their sound, and it has definitely been natural for us. We are always listening to and discovering new music. With influence from the outside world, the way your brain works is totally switched up. When you hear a new song that really gets you going, that affects the "creative process" whether or not you're aware that it happens. 
Plus, Bedbugs kind of started as a side-project when I was in another band, so the sound started to have some variation once it was a main focus.

What was it like working with Jake from Hunny on this? What did he bring to this track you wouldn’t have originally brought on your own?

Working with Jake was really cool - I think he really saw something in Bedbugs and he took us out of our comfort zones. That's what makes for a great song and a great recording - uncharted territory. We actually recorded Like the Earth months before we recorded our previous single, You Think You Know Me. Before we recorded this song, the only recordings we had of our band were done in a garage - so you can imagine the drastic difference in sound and vibe when we decided to move into a drum studio and then a bedroom for this song.

 What's the Bedbugs vibe like these days ?

Bedbugs' vibe? What's it like? These days? I don't even know, man. I get my personal daily vibes from @whatsmyvibe on Twitter. Very underrated account. 

Just listen to this song and accept some Valentine's Day vibes. Someone out there is thinking about you and it's probably not me. 

Check out Bedbugs around LA this month at one of their upcoming shows!


2/15 @ the Hi Hat w/The Knitts, House of Affection (Beating Lights Presents)
2/20 @ 560 Customs for DIY Fest III
2/21 @ Three Clubs in Hollywood
2/29 @ Silverlake Lounge for Bright Missiles' residency


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EVENT RECAP: Bedbugs/ Ugly Sweaters/ Le Swish @ Lot 1 9/23/15

Beating Lights Presents.... our first venue show ever!

Last night, 9/23/15, we headed into Lot 1 in Echo Park to bring the good vibes into a real venue where we didn't have to worry about neighbors complaining, drums being too loud or cops being called. The bands each killed it, the crowd packed the room like I would not have imagined for a weeknight, and there were good vibes all around. I simply can't wait to see what happens next here. THANK YOU for coming, for supporting, for sticking around.

Much much love to the bands Bedbugs, Ugly Sweaters and Le Swish: I had so much fun jamming with you guys. 

Cheers! See you around town,


Photos by Mallory Turner

Photos by Shab Ferdowsi

NEW MUSIC: Bedbugs- Orlando

words by Shabnam Ferdowsi

Who: Bedbugs

What: "Orlando", off their new EP Alone coming out May 26!

Where: The Valley, Los Angeles, CA

photo by Marisa Shirar     

photo by Marisa Shirar 

Bedbugs' new EP is coming out at  a perfect time for my music library. Last week I was jamming hard to Together PANGEA, The New Electric Sound and Boxed Wine, which together have some grunge-y alt-rock, catchy alt-pop, and   lots of attitude. Throw in some fuzz and put it in a garage that's located  by the boardwalk and you've got Bedbugs' new single, "Orlando".

The track makes me want to join a rock band and play small yet crowded and rowdy shows for fans but mostly friends, then all head to the beach to catch some waves with our best pals. None of which will ever happen in my real life, but a girl can dream you know? I took a few listens to the rest of the EP and it's filled with the same catchy alternative rock that could definitely turn a skate park into a dance party.

The EP was recorded in a garage in LA's San Fernando Valley, mixed by Jeremy Harris (of Kid Cadaver) and mastered by Frankie Siragusa at theLAB in Van Nuys. 


Take a listen and jam below, and stay tuned for May 26th!


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